If you want to cancel your BDO Send Money for Cash Pickup transaction because the receiver's name was incorrectly spelled, or there was an error in the receiver's name, or the receiver don't have a valid ID, or the receiver is no longer able to claim the money, you need to call BDO at this number:

Customer Contact Center: (02)8631-8000

The money will be refunded and credited back to your account within 7-8 business days. The fee for sending (100 or 150 pesos) will not be refunded.

Is there a way to cancel online Send Money for Cash Pick-Up transactions?

The only Send Money transactions that you can cancel online are Scheduled Transfer and Later Transfer transactions. 

Do I have to call to cancel if the transaction was Unsuccessful?

If your Send Money for Cash Pickup transaction was not completed, or the system says the transaction was "Unsuccessful", but the money was already deducted from your balance, BDO will take note of it, and will refund your money, but it might take a week or longer.

To confirm that your transaction was Unsuccessful, go to your "Transactions" and check the Send Money transaction you just did. You will see the Unsuccessful status.

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