What is IST04: Unsuccessful transaction in BDO online banking?

I tried to send money to my friend's BDO account using Send Money to any BDO Account on my BDO mobile app, but it was not sent. I got this response instead:

The transaction was unsuccessful.
IST04: Unsuccessful transaction

What does this IST04 mean?


  IST04 means the BDO account you are transferring to is already a closed account.
  Obviously, you can no longer send money to a closed account.

  There's a similar unsuccessful transfer transaction. See below:

The transaction was unsuccessful.
IST02: Unsuccessful transaction 

IST02 means the account you are sending to is a payroll account that accepts only deposits or transfers from a linked company account.  It does not accept deposits or transfers from other entities.

Other reasons that could make your online or mobile transfers not successful:

. You are transferring to a Cash Card which has maximum balance limits: 10,000 pesos for generic cash cards; 25,000 pesos for with-name cards.

. You are transferring to a non-peso account.  Use Wire Transfer instead.

. You are transferring more than 10,000 pesos. Maximum limit per transfer is 10,000 pesos.

. You have already transferred 50,000 pesos for the day.  Maximum total amount of money transferred per day per sending account is 50,000 pesos.

. You have already  made 5 transfers for the day. Maximum number of Send Money transfers per day is 5.


Please Compute My SSS Monthly Pension?

Here's another question about SSS monthly pension:

Ask ko if tama sss pension ng uncle ko.

Please remember that this SSS pension amount below is only an estimate amount, based on the data you sent me.

Your uncle's estimated SSS monthly pension is  7,136.20.

How did I compute it?

I used the formula that resulted in the highest SSS monthly pension amount:

300 pesos

plus 20% of AMSC

plus 2% of AMSC x CYS in excess of 10

= your SSS pension

+ 0.20 x AMSC
+ 0.02 x AMSC x (CYS minus 10)
= SSS monthly pension

+ 0.20 x 8,766
+ 0.02 x 8,766 x (35-10)

+ 1,753.20
+ 4,383
= 6,136.20

Na-approve na under Pres. Duterte's administration at ibinibigay na yong 1,000-peso additional amount sa monthly pension:

 6,136.20 + 1,000
= 7,136.20

The other SSS pension formula resulted in a lower amount:

40% of AMSC = your SSS pension
0.40 x 8,766 = 3,506.40

3,506.40 + 1,000 = 4,506.40 

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Can an Unmarried Father Avail of Paternity Leave?

Can I avail of Paternity Leave even if I am not married to my partner who is giving birth to our child soon?

NO. You can not avail of Paternity Leave because you are not married to the mother of your child.

The Paternity Leave Act of 1996 (RA 8187) specifically states "MARRIED MALE EMPLOYEES."

This is the heading of the Paternity Leave Act:



To avail of the paid seven-day paternity leave, the male employee should:
  • be legally married to his wife (the woman who has given birth to their child or has miscarried).
  • be living together with his wife at the time of his child's birth or miscarriage.
  • be an employee at the time of his child's birth or miscarriage.
  • have applied for paternity leave with his employer for a reasonable period of time prior to his child's delivery In case of miscarriage, prior leave application is not required.

There's hope for another paternity leave! 
Optional paternity leave is included in the Expanded Maternity Leave bill passed by the Senate in 2017.

But as of today, June 1, 2017, this Senate bill is still waiting for the House to create and complete its counterpart bill so that the Senate and House can agree on the final consolidated bill that they can submit to the Philippine President for approval.

Here below is the Paternity Leave Proposal included in the Senate Bill No. 1305, called Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017:

SEC. 6. Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits. - Any female worker entitled to maternity leave benefits as provided for herein may, at her option, allocate up to thirty (30) days of said benefits to the child’s father, whether or not the same is married to the female worker: Provided, That, in the death, absence or incapacity of the former, the benefit may be allocated to an alternative caregiver who may be a relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity or the current partner of the female worker sharing the same household, upon the election of the mother taking into account the best interests of the child: Provided, further, That, written notice thereof is provided to the employers of the female worker and alternate caregiver: Provided, finally. That, this benefit is over and above that which is provided under Republic Act No. 8187, or the Paternity Leave Act of 1996.

  • Chan Robles Virtual Law Library. Paternity Leave Act of 1996 - Republic Act No. 8187. http://www.chanrobles.com/legal4paternity.htm#.WNjfQ9J97cs
  • Department of Labor and Employment. Recognize paternity leave of male married workers, Baldoz reminds employers. November 4, 2015. https://www.dole.gov.ph/news/view/2965
  • International Labour Organization. Republic Act No. 8187. http://www.ilo.org/dyn/travail/docs/1206/Republic%20Act%20No%208187%20-%20Paternity%20Leave%20Act%20of%201996.pdf
  • Senate of the Philippines, 17th Congress. Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017. http://www.senate.gov.ph/lis/bill_res.aspx?congress=17&q=SBN-1305


Can I Transfer Money from BPI to BDO Online?

Can You Transfer Money from BPI to BDO online? 

 No. Not yet. 
BPI online banking does not yet offer this service.
BPI does not allow funds transfer from BPI accounts to other banks' accounts.

You can only transfer money online from your BPI account to other BPI accounts that have been pre-enrolled.

Can you transfer money from BPI to unenrolled BPI accounts?
Yes, but only through BPI mobile banking. You use your BPI mobile app.
And you cannot use this service immediately. You need to activate this service first using your atm card.

This is how to activate your Enable Transfer to Anyone  so you can transfer money to unenrolled accounts.

How about the other way around?  Can you transfer money from BDO to BPI online?
Yes, you can do it. There's a service charge of 100 pesos.
Here's how to transfer money from BDO to BPI and other banks online.  


Is my SSS Maternity Benefit computation correct? I'm a Separated Member

Tuwang-tuwa ako na naintindihan ni Courtney Ortega kung paano mag-compute ng SSS maternity benefit.

Here is her letter sent to us here:

Good morning po. 
Medyo naguguluhan pa din po kase ako sa computation. Bali SSS member po since 2010 but unfortunately dahil contractual lang po lagi nakukuha ko na job may mga missed payments of contributions po ako. 

Expected month of delivery ko po kase is this coming April 2017. (Correct me if i'm wrong po) Jan-Jun 2017 po yung semester of contingency ko. 

Sabi nyo po need lang ng at least 3 months of contribution within 12 months before po ng semester of contingency to be eligible to claim maternity benefit kahit po hindi nakapaghulog ng contribution up to present time. So ang 12 months po ng sa akin is from Jan-Dec 2016 po? 

Ito po list of contributions ko by those months po para lang po mas clear. Employed po ako that time.
Month yr     cont.     MSC
Jan 2016  - 1,100  -- 10,000
Feb 2016  - 935  --  8,500
Mar 2016  - 935  --  8,500
Apr 2016  - 0  0
May 2016 - 0  0
Jun 2016  - 715  --  6,500
Jul 2016   - 0  0
Aug 2016  - 1,320  --  12,000
Sep 2016  - 1,155  --  10,500
Oct 2016   - 935  --  8,500
Nov 2016  - 880  -- 8,000
Dec 2016  - 0  0

Bali according po dito 8 months po ako nakapaghulog so qualified po ako magclaim ng maternity benefit and yung 6 highest MSC ko po is Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Sep, Oct.  With total of 58,000 MSC ÷ 180 days = 322.22 allowance/day × 60 days po dahil normal delivery lang po expected ko. 

So, total of 19,333.20 pesos po maternity benefit na pwede ko pong makuha? 

Tama po ba computation ko? Ask ko na din po kung kelan po dapat magfile ng Mat2. Separated na po kase ako sa company ko dati pero nakapagfile na po ako ng Mat1? 

Ask ko na din po sana kung gaano po katagal pwede po makuha yung maternity benefit? 

Isa pa po na question ko is kung pwede din po akong magfile for personal loan after ko po manganak? I'm planning to continue paying my contributions po kase through voluntary muna para po makapagclaim din sana ng personal loan. I'm really hoping for your reply po. Thank you so much po and God bless.


Yes, Courtney, tama ang computation mo. Tama ang steps mo. Tama ang result ng computation mo. Perfect! 

I'm so happy really that you got how the SSS maternity benefit is computed.  So happy for you!

About your other questions:

1. When will you file your Mat2? After your delivery, and after you get your baby's birth certificate from your local civil registrar. 
Here's the Mat2 form for Separated members. It's now called 
      Maternity Benefit Application for SE VM OFW 

Since the gap between your separation date and delivery date is less than 6 months, you will have to submit these documents below. Get them from your previous employer.
       Certificate of Separation
        Certification of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit
        L-501 form (If your previous company refuses to give you a copy of this form, file at the SSS branch where they are making their SSS transactions. Their L-501 is stored at their branch.)
       Make sure that these 3 documents are signed by the same person and that they show exactly the same signatures.

In case your previous company has closed down, or if they refuse to give you Separation documents, you can file this instead: Affidavit of Undertaking  

2. How fast can I get my SSS maternity benefit?
     Iba-iba ang time of processing. Depende sa mga documents mo, kung gaano kaayos ang records mo sa SSS, at kung gaano ka-busy sila sa SSS.  Mga 2 months siguro. Depende rin kung hingian ka ng bank account number or ibibigay nila via cheque. So be ready with your bank name and account number (deposit slip with machine marks or atm card with account number on the card).

3. Can I apply for an SSS salary loan?
Yes, if you already have at least 36 posted contributions. The other requirement is that you have paid contributions for at least 6 months within the last 12 months prior to application.  Itong requirement na 6 months ay puedeng kasama sa bilang ng 36 months.

4.  I filed my MAT1 with my previous employer.  How do I know if they filed my MAT1?
     Enroll in the SSS online system, so you can check your maternity notification. If  your notification was filed, you can print your notification. If not, file your notification as Separated at the nearest SSS branch. You will submit this SSS-stamped form together with your MAT2 after your delivery.
      Note: Voluntary and self-employed members can file their maternity notification online. 

5.  Will it be a problem if my address in my MAT1 is different from my address in my MAT2?
      Not a big problem.  Just update your contact information at an SSS branch.  Fill up the Change of Member Data form . Check "Address" under "Updating of Contact Information".  Bring your ID. 

God bless too!

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