Until when am I allowed to I file my SSS maternity benefit claim?

You have 10 years from your delivery date to file your SSS maternity benefit claim.

pregnant mother with child for maternity claim

But it's best to file your claim as soon as you have completed the required documents.
In case there are defects in your documents, you can remedy them more easily because your company or former company where you worked, or the hospital or clinic where you had an operation is still existing.

If you file your claim after some years from delivery date, be ready to explain to SSS why you waited so long before filing.

When should I file my MAT1?

Anytime from your 60th day of pregnancy to the day before your delivery date.

But file your MAT1 soon after your 60th day so you'll have already notified SSS in case a miscarriage happens.

If you're voluntary, OFW, self-employed, or non-working wife, you can make your maternity notification online through your online SSS account.

If you are employed, and your employer has an online SSS account, your employer will notify SSS through your employer's online SSS account.

SSS Guidebook 2010
SSS MAT-1 Form
My.SSS Brochure

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