How Much is my SSS Maternity Benefit?

Hello, can you help me? I'm giving birth this April 2016. How can I compute my SSS maternity benefit? These are my contributions:



Hope u help me Ms.  Thank you

You said you 're giving birth in April 2016, so your semester of contingency is Jan to June 2016.
SSS will look for your 6 highest salary credits within Jan to Dec 2015 (this is the 12-month period prior to your semester of contingency).

You only have 4 contributions in 2015, so we will use all your 4 contributions. We will find the salary credits for your 4 contributions:

June 1,265  --  salary credit is 11,500
July 1,320  --  12,000
August 1,320  --  12,000
September 550  --  5,000

We add all your 5 salary credits and we get 40,500.
We divide 40,500 by 180 days and we get 225.

We multiply 225 by 60 days (for normal delivery) and we get 13,500.
Your SSS maternity benefit is 13,500 if you give birth normally.

If CS, we multiply by 78 days:  225 x 78 =  17,550
Your SSS maternity benefit is 17,550 if you deliver by Cesarean Section.

180 days come from 6 months (6 x 30 days = 180 days)
SSS uses the average daily salary credit from a member's 6 highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period prior to semester of contingency.

Another Example of SSS Maternity Benefit Computation

QUESTION from Blessing Calayag:

Hi :)  My name is Blessing. How do I compute my SSS maternity benefit? My due date is May 2015. These are my contributions:


Oct - 1,560
Nov - 1,560
Dec - 1,560


Jan - 1,760
Feb - 1,760
Mar - 1,760
Apr - 1,760
May - 1,760
Jun - 1,760
Jul - 1,760
Aug - 1,760
Sep - 1,760
Oct - 1,760
Nov - 1,760
Dec - 1,760


Since you'll give birth in May 2015, your Semester of Contingency is Jan to June 2015.
SSS will look for your 6 highest salary credits within the 12 months prior to your semester of contingency. Your 12-month period is Jan to Dec 2014.

Your monthly contributions in 2014 were all maximum monthly contributions.
Obviously, your 6 highest contributions are six 1,760, and
your 6 highest monthly salary credits are six 16,000.

Add your 6 highest monthly salary credits:
16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000

Your salary credit total is 96,000.

Divide your salary credit total by 180 days.
96,000 / 180 = 533.33

Your salary credit per day is 533.33 pesos.

If you'll deliver normally, your SSS maternity benefit will be:
533.33 pesos x 60 days = 32,000 pesos

If you'll delivery by Cesarean Section or CS, your SSS maternity benefit will be:
533.33 pesos x 78 days = 41,600 pesos

Until when am I allowed to I file my SSS maternity benefit claim?

You have 10 years from your delivery date to file your SSS maternity benefit claim.

pregnant mother with child for maternity claim

But it's best to file your claim as soon as you have completed the required documents.
In case there are defects in your documents, you can remedy them more easily because your company or former company where you worked, or the hospital or clinic where you had an operation is still existing.

If you file your claim after some years from delivery date, be ready to explain to SSS why you waited so long before filing.

When should I file my MAT1?

Anytime from your 60th day of pregnancy to the day before your delivery date.

But file your MAT1 soon after your 60th day so you'll have already notified SSS in case a miscarriage happens.

If you're voluntary, OFW, self-employed, or non-working wife, you can make your maternity notification online through your online SSS account.

If you are employed, and your employer has an online SSS account, your employer will notify SSS through your employer's online SSS account.

SSS Guidebook 2010
SSS MAT-1 Form
My.SSS Brochure

Why Is My SSS Maternity Benefit Only 1,300 Pesos?

QUESTION from Pam:

Why did I receive only 1,300 pesos as my SSS maternity benefit?
Was the computation wrong? I delivered by CS in October 2014.
Here are my SSS contributions:

July 988 Aug 1300 Sep 1248 Oct 1092 Nov 1196

Oct 312 nov 1196

Jan 1456 feb 1300

April to June 110 amonth
July to Dec 275 a month


Your SSS maternity benefit is only 1,300 pesos because your qualifying 12-month period matched the months when you contributed the lowest amounts.

You gave birth in October 2014, so your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014.
SSS will look for your 6 highest contributions within the 12-month period before your semester of contingency.
Your prior 12-month period is July 2013 to June 2014.
You have only 3 contributions within this period: April to June, 110 each month.

The salary credit for 110 is 1,000.

Using the SSS formula, we get the following:

1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 = 3,000 pesos

3,000 / 180 days = 16.67 pesos per day

16.67 x 78 days (for CS) = 1,300 pesos

Your SSS maternity benefit is 1,300 pesos.

Download SSS Maternity Benefit Claim Forms

You can of course download these SSS maternity benefit claim forms, but there are times the SSS website is down, so I made these forms available here. Just click any form you need, and you will be led to Google Drive where you can download the form.

1.  Maternity Benefit Application 

 - This is the application form for voluntary, self-employed, OFW and non-working spouse members.

2.  Maternity Reimbursement

 - This is the application form for employed members.

3.  Maternity Notification

- For voluntary, self-employed, OFW or non-working spouse members, you should also login into your online SSS account, choose E-Services, then click "Submit Maternity Notification." Screenshot the statement that you have submitted your maternity notification and keep it for printing later on.

- For employed members, submit your maternity notification form and your proof of pregnancy (ultrasound report of pregnancy or certificate of pregnancy from your obstetrician). Your employer or HR will notify SSS through their online SSS Employer Account.

4.  Transmittal List - Maternity Benefit Application

5.  Employer Transmittal List - Maternity Benefit Reimbursement

6. Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits

7.  Affidavit of Undertaking - English

8.  Affidavit of Undertaking - Tagalog

9.  Affidavit of Undertaking - Visayan

Here are old SSS maternity benefit claim forms that you might still need:

Obstetrical History

Specimen Signature Card - L-501


Nora said…
Unknown 3/6/16, 2:14 PM
Thank u so much! Pag natatakan nah po b ung mat 1 means approve po un for maternity.?
Karen Mendoza 3/6/16
Thank u so much! If mat 1 has been stamped, does it mean it's already approved for maternity benefit?
ANSWER: 3/6/16, 7:32 PM
Sorry, not yet. After you've given birth and filed your claim, check your online SSS account from time to time to see if your maternity benefit is already approved.
Anonymous said…
yang 9/26/15, 1:37 PM
Good afternoon !! Can you help me how to compute my SSS maternity. My due date is October 2015.

This is my contributions:

January 2015 - September 2015 - 508.70 (monthly)
April 2014 - December 2014 - 508.70 (monthly)
January 2014 - March 2014 - 472.30 (monthly)

Unknown 9/26/15, 1:49 PM
ask ko lng po.. sa maternity benefits kung mkakapag claim p po ba kmi kc po duedate po is oct 2017 then resign sa work po march pa then nag voluntary payment kmi start of march kaso hanggang july lng po so ung august to october d nbayaran.. . mkaka kuha p po ba kmi ng benefits.. pra po sa misis ko po ito thanks.
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