How soon can I apply again for a Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose Loan or Short-term Loan?

You can apply again after you have paid at least 6 monthly amortizations,
and you have made 5 monthly contributions or savings within the last 6 months prior to new loan application.

The outstanding loan balance will be deducted from the new loan.

Can I apply again even if I defaulted on my Multi-Purpose Loan?
Yes, but only if you have paid at least 6 monthly amortizations before you defaulted and if Pag-ibig has already effected TAV offsetting, meaning Pag-ibig has already used your TAV to pay off your remaining loan balance.  TAV is the total of all your monthly savings, employers' contributions and dividends.

You can request Pag-ibig for immediate TAV offsetting if you can prove you're in any of the following situations:
 - Loss of job
 - Serious illness (either you or immediate family member). Present a medical certificate issued by a licensed doctor.
 - Death of an immediate family member

Can I apply again if I defaulted on  my loan and have not paid at least 6 monthly amortizations prior to default?
Yes, but only after 2 or more years.
You can apply again after 2 years from date of TAV offsetting. If your TAV offsetting was done 2 years after your loan release, then your waiting time is longer.

What is TAV offsetting again?
It means Pag-ibig will use your Total Accumulated Values (TAV) to pay off your unpaid loan.
TAV is the total of your monthly savings/contributions, your employers' contributions and your annual dividends.


  1. pag nag request ng TAV offset, ano waiting time para ma check if na offset na?


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