I tried to send money to my friend's BDO account using Send Money to any BDO Account on my BDO mobile app, but it was not sent. I got this response instead:

The transaction was unsuccessful.
IST04: Unsuccessful transaction

What does this IST04 mean?


  IST04 means the BDO account you are transferring to is already a closed account.
  Obviously, you can no longer send money to a closed account.

  There's a similar unsuccessful transfer transaction. See below:

The transaction was unsuccessful.
IST02: Unsuccessful transaction 

IST02 means the account you are sending to is a payroll account that accepts only deposits or transfers from a linked company account.  It does not accept deposits or transfers from other entities.

Other reasons that could make your online or mobile transfers not successful:

. You are transferring to a Cash Card which has maximum balance limits: 10,000 pesos for generic cash cards; 25,000 pesos for with-name cards.

. You are transferring to a non-peso account.  Use Wire Transfer instead.

. You are transferring more than 10,000 pesos. Maximum limit per transfer is 10,000 pesos.

. You have already transferred 50,000 pesos for the day.  Maximum total amount of money transferred per day per sending account is 50,000 pesos.

. You have already  made 5 transfers for the day. Maximum number of Send Money transfers per day is 5.


  1. How about IST21: Unsuccessful Transaction????

  2. How about SQL unsuccesful transaction?

  3. How about IST21 what's that? I want to send money to my sis but the transaction is unsuccessful.


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