You can of course download these SSS maternity benefit claim forms, but there are times the SSS website is down, so I made these forms available here. Just click any form you need, and you will be led to Google Drive where you can download the form.

1.  Maternity Benefit Application 

 - This is the application form for voluntary, self-employed, OFW and non-working spouse members.

2.  Maternity Reimbursement

 - This is the application form for employed members.

3.  Maternity Notification

- For voluntary, self-employed, OFW or non-working spouse members, you should also login into your online SSS account, choose E-Services, then click "Submit Maternity Notification." Screenshot the statement that you have submitted your maternity notification and keep it for printing later on.

- For employed members, submit your maternity notification form and your proof of pregnancy (ultrasound report of pregnancy or certificate of pregnancy from your obstetrician). Your employer or HR will notify SSS through their online SSS Employer Account.

4.  Transmittal List - Maternity Benefit Application

5.  Employer Transmittal List - Maternity Benefit Reimbursement

6. Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits

7.  Affidavit of Undertaking - English

8.  Affidavit of Undertaking - Tagalog

9.  Affidavit of Undertaking - Visayan

Here are old SSS maternity benefit claim forms that you might still need:

Obstetrical History

Specimen Signature Card - L-501

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