You can download these SSS Funeral Benefit Claim Forms from the SSS website, but there are times the website is down, so I made these forms available here: 

Who Can Claim the SSS Funeral Benefit? 

Any person who paid for the major funeral expenses and whose name is on the main expense receipts. Hindi kelangang relative ng deceased member. Kahit sino. Pero dapat ma-explain niya sa SSS kung tanungin siya kung bakit siya ang nagbayad ng mga gastusin. 

Ang nagbayad ng mga major expenses ay puede ring pumirma ng Waiver of Funeral Benefit form kung gusto niyang ibigay sa family ng deceased member ang funeral benefit kahit siya ang gumastos.

1.  Funeral Claim Application

2.  Affidavit of Funeral Expenses

3.  Waiver of Funeral Benefit

4.  Pagpapaubaya sa Funeral Benefit

5.  Sinumpaang Salaysay_Pinagbayaran sa Pagpapalibining


Why do I know some people are still looking for SSS benefit claim forms outside the SSS website?

My old website for Philippine forms, which I'll close down soon, because of design and platform issues, is still being visited for downloads.

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