QUESTION about SSS maternity benefit if you've been AWOL:

Hi, good day. Can I Avail of SSS Maternity Benefit? I was AWOL last December 2019. Then I filed my MAT1 last March as a Self-Employed.  I gave birth via C-Section this May. This June, I changed my status and paid my contributions this month.  What requirements should I file so I can avail of maternity benefit? Thank you in advance.


You file the same required documents as those who are not AWOL.  Magdagdag ka lang ng isa pang document.
Magpa-notarize ka ng Affidavit of Undertaking. Meron itong English, Tagalog at Visayan versions. 
I-check mo yong statement na "I was separated from the company due to Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL)."

 - Maternity Benefit Application for Self-Employed, Voluntary Member
- Maternity Notification (signed and stamped by SSS before delivery)
   or printout of Maternity Notification Submission Confirmation (if filed through your online SSS account
- Allocation of Leave Credits (signed and stamped by SSS before delivery)
    or printout of Maternity Notification Submission Conformation if filed through your online SSS account
   (This form is submitted to the SSS together with Maternity Notification for signing before delivery, 
     or filed online through your online SSS account)

 - Birth Certificate of your baby, from the PSA or Local Civil Registrar
-  Operating Room Record 
      or Surgical Memorandum
      or Discharge Summary Report
      or Medical/Clinical Abstract
        (isa lang ang nire-require sa SSS guide, merong "or", pero baka hanapin din lahat yang 4 na yan.
         Kung meron ka, dalhin mo na lang lahat.)  
      or SSS ID application stub
      or other valid IDs  
-  Affidavit of Undertaking (notarized) 
      You will submit this because your delivery date is within 6 months of your last day with your employer
      You can submit this affidavit instead of a Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit from your employer because you went AWOL.  

  - Bring original and photocopies of documents

Since you gave birth last May, your semester of contingency is Jan 2020 to June 2020. This means that if you've paid at least 3 monthly contributions within Jan 2019 to Dec 2019, you are eligible for the SSS maternity benefit.

SSS maternity benefit if AWOL

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