Meron bang Pag-ibig Death Benefit?   

Yes, meron. But this is not given to all Pag-ibig members. Pag nakuha na ng isang member ang kanyang Provident benefits noong nabubuhay pa siya, wala nang makukuhang death benefit ang kanyang heirs or beneficiaries kapag siya ay namatay na.

Bakit ganon? Kasi once na nakuha na ng isang member ang kanyang Provident benefits, mawawala na ang kanyang membership. Hindi na siya Pag-ibig member, so wala na siyang death benefit na makukuha pa.

cemetery-pag-ibig death benefit
Forest Lake Memorial Park, Binan, Laguna

How much is Pag-ibig death benefit? 

It's 6,000 pesos.
Merong conditions:
 - 6,000 pesos kapag active contributor ang member noong namatay siya, kahit less than 6,000 pesos ang naipon
 - 6,000 pesos kapag inactive na ang member noong namatay pero 6,000 or more ang savings plus dividends
 - Less than 6,000 pesos kapag ang member ay hindi active noong namatay, at less than 6,000 pesos ang total savings or contributions plus dividends. Ang amount ng death benefit: total savings plus dividends

What do you mean? Ito lang ang makukuha ng heirs or beneficiaries ng Pag-ibig member na namatay?
Itong benefit na 6,000 pesos (or less than 6,000 pesos) ay idadagdag doon sa Total Provident Benefits ng member.
Ang Total Provident Benefits ay total ng lahat ng contributions sa Pag-ibig plus lahat na dividends. Ito rin yong tinatawag na TAV.
TAV means Total Accumulated Values.

Documents Required in Claiming Your Pag-ibig Provident and Death Benefit:

1.  Application for Provident Benefits Claim
    Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from any Pag-ibig branch

2. Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (Notarized)
   Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from any Pag-ibig branch

3.  Death Certificate of Pag-ibig member
     Get from PSA

4. Valid photo IDs of claimants

5.  Proof of relationship to the Pag-ibig member who died
     Get documents from PSA
    - Marriage certificate (if spouse is the claimant)
    - Birth certificates of all children (if there are children)
    - Birth certificate of Pag-ibig member who died with no spouse and no children (claimants are the parents)
    - Birth certificates of all siblings of Pag-ibig member who died with no spouse, no children and whose parents are already dead
            (claimants are the siblings)
    - Certified true copy of baptismal/confirmation certificate is accepted if there is no PSA record

6.  Affidavit of Guardianship (Notarized),
    for claimant children 18 years old and below, or physically/mentally incompetent children

7.  Certificate of No Marriage, if deceased member was Single
     Get from PSA

8.  Advisory on Marriage, if deceased member was Married
     Hindi ko sure kung nire-require pa rin ito. Palagay ko, ni-require ito noong dumami ang cases na merong 2 or more spouse claimants.
   Ano itong Advisory on Marriage? Sa PSA, ask for an Advisory on Marriage. Bibigyan ka ng CENOMAR form to fill up.
   Ang document na ibibigay sa iyo contains information on the Pag-ibig member's marriage, or marriages or annulments.

9. Special Power of Attorney, if claim is filed by authorized representative
           2 Valid photo IDs of authorized representative are required.

10. Dati, nirerequire ito, pero sana ngayon hindi na:
      Funeral Receipt or Certification of Payments (from funeral service provider)
      Bakit nire-require pa ito? Baka hindi totoo yong death? Meron nang death certificate.

11.  Pag-ibig may ask for additional documents

Where to file:

File your Pag-ibig Provident and Death Benefit claim at the Pag-ibig branch where the deceased Pag-ibig member's contributions were remitted.  Usually, it is the branch nearest the company where the Pag-ibig member worked the longest.

If you're now residing in a region or province very far from the Pag-ibig branch where the member's records are, and the trip to the branch is costly, you can file at the Pag-ibig branch nearest your current residence. That branch will accept your documents and will forward them to your husband's Pag-ibig branch. Photocopy all documents, in case documents are lost.

After Filing

After filing, you will receive a Claims Acknowledgment Receipt (CAR).
Date of release will be written on the CAR.
Pag-ibig may call you during evaluation of documents, if more documents are needed

Claiming the Check:
Present CAR and 2 valid IDs.

NOTE sa pag-fill-up ng claim form:
Make sure to write accurately all the names and addresses of companies and dates of employment of the deceased in the Application for Provident Benefits Claim form.
This is important, specially for members who worked in different companies located in different cities. Pag-ibig records are NOT yet totally centralized, so it's possible that if the member worked in 2 or more companies in different cities, the member's savings were remitted to 2 or more Pag-ibig branches.

Some Questions and Answers about Pag-ibig death benefit:

Q:  When a Pag-ibig member dies, do his beneficiaries file 2 claims for Pag-ibig benefits? One for Provident benefit and one for death benefit?
A:  No. Beneficiaries file only one set of claim. Pag-ibig Provident benefit and Pag-ibig death benefit are computed together in one claim form -- the Application for Provident Benefits Claim form.

Q: Can the beneficiaries of a member who has already claimed all his Pag-ibig Provident benefits claim his death benefit when he dies? 
    For example, a member gets all his Provident benefits in 2013, and then he dies in 2014. Can his family claim his death benefits in 2014?
A: No. His beneficiaries can no longer claim his death benefit because he was no longer a Pag-ibig member when he died. His membership was terminated when he claimed all his Provident benefit when he was alive.

Q: What is TAV?
TAV means Total Accumulated Value. It is the total of all the member's savings and employer's contributions (if employed) plus annual dividends.

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THERE ARE 5 CLAIMANT, spouse and 4 legitimate children ,the two[2] legitimate children are in the Philippines and the other two[2] children are here in Illinois, do they have to file two separate APB?. 2. The first marriage was annulled and the deceased member got married to his 2nd wife here in Illinois 9 nine ago and the deceased had substituted his present wife in his Pag-ibig record sometime 2018.
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