Here below are the licensed HMOs in the Philippines as of October 2018

Licensed by the Insurance Commission for the years 2017 to 2019.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

1.    Asalus Corp.
2.    Asiancare Health Systems, Inc.
3.    Avega Managed Care, Inc.
4.    Carehealth Plus Systems lnternational, Inc.
5.    Carewell Health Systems, Inc.
6.    Caritas Health Shield, Inc.
7.    Cooperative Health Management Federation
8.    Dynamic Care Corp.
9.    Eastwest Healthcare, Inc.
10.  Fortune Medicare, Inc.
11.  Getwell Health Systems, Inc.
12.  Health Care & Development Corp. of the Philippines
13.  Health Maintenance, Inc.
14.  Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
15.  IMS Wellth Care, Inc.
16.  Insular Health Care, Inc.
17.  Kaiser lnternational Healthgroup, Inc.
18.  Life & Health HMP, Inc.
19.  Mazan Health Care, Inc.
20.  Maxicare Healthcare Corp.
21.  Medicare Health Systems, Inc.
22.  Medicard Philippines, Inc.
23.  MedicarePlus, Inc.
24.  Metrocare Health System, Inc.
25.  Optimum Medical and Healthcare Services, Inc
26.  Pacific Cross Health Care, Inc.
          (Formerly Blue Cross Health Care Inc- name change effective January 2016)
27.  PhilhealthCare, Inc.
28.  Stotsenberg Healthcare System, Inc.
29.  Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center, Inc.
30.  Ultima Health Systems, Inc.
31.  Value Care Health Systems, Inc.

The supervision and regulation of HMOs was transferred from the Department of Health (DOH) to the Insurance Commission by President Benigno S. Aquino III through Executive Order No. 192 on November 12, 2015.

HMOs Licensed by the DOH for the years 2015 to December 31, 2017

1.   Asian Care Health Systems, lnc.
2.   Cooperative Health Management Federation
3.   Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center, Inc.

HMOs Licensed by the DOH for the years 2014 to December 31, 2016

1.    Avega Managed Care, lnc.
2.    Coopcare
3.    Dynamic Care Corp.
4.    Eastwest Healthcare, Inc.
5.    Getwell Health Systems, lnc.
6.    Maxicare Healthcare Corporation
7.    Medicard Philippines, Inc.
8.    Medicare Plus, lnc.
9.    Metro Care Health Systems, lnc.
10.  Optimum Medical& Health Care Services
11.  Philippine British Assurance Company, lnc.
12.  Stotsenberg Healthcare Systems, lnc.

HMOs Licensed by the Insurance Commission for the year 2016

1.   Asalus Corp. (popularly known as Intellicare)
2.   Carehealth Plus Systems lnternational, lnc.
3.   Carewell Health Systems, lnc.
4.   Caritas Health Shield, lnc.
5.   Fortune Medicare, lnc.
6.   Health Maintenance, lnc.
7.   Health Plan Philippines, lnc.
8.   IMS Wellth Care, lnc.
9.   lnsular Health Care, lnc.
10. Kaiser lnternational Healthgroup, lnc.
11. Life & Health HMP, lnc.
12. Medocare Health Systems, lnc.
13. Pacific Cross Health Care, lnc.
           (formerly Blue Cross Health Care, lnc.;
             was renamed January 1, 2016)
14.  PhilhealthCare, lnc.
15. Value Care Health Systems, lnc.

Warning !!! Goldmed not licensed as HMO

The IC has advised the public that MCN Global Holding Corp. also known as Goldmed has not been issued a license by the IC to operate as an HMO.
Based on above DOH list, Goldmed has not also been issued a license by the DOH to operate as an HMO.
Source: IC Advisory issued on September 2, 2016

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