No, there's no BDO Kabayan savings account expiration.

Your Kabayan account does not expire. But it can automatically be CLOSED if you don't maintain it.

If you fail to comply with the account maintenance rule, your Kabayan account will be converted into a regular savings account, and then later on closed.

The thing that has an expiration date is your new BDO debit card, the one with Visa or Mastercard logo. Your account will not expire, but your debit card/ATM card will expire. See VALID THRU on the front side of your debit card. You will need to request for a new replacement card about one week or 2 weeks before the expiration date.

Why and when will a Kabayan savings account be converted into a regular savings account?

It will be converted into a regular savings account after 24 months of no remittance into the account from abroad.
Remember na hindi required ang maintaining balance sa Kabayan account kasi it was designed to attract OFWs. Ang requirement lang is dapat merong remittance from abroad at least once every 24 months.


Starting October 1, 2018, na-extend na sa 24 months ang chance for BDO Kabayan account owners to remit from abroad at least once to their Kabayan accounts para ma-maintain ang account na Kabayan pa rin, na walang maintaining-balance requirement.

At ibinaba na rin from 10,000 pesos to 2,000 pesos ang maintaining balance ng anumang account na hindi naka-remit from abroad after 24 months at na-convert into a regular savings account, at hindi na Kabayan ang account.

 Ang new rules na ito ay para sa mga BDO Kabayan accounts na:
1.  Active as Kabayan account as of October 1, 2018
2.  Opened on or after October 1, 2018
3.  Opened in 2018 and has at least one foreign remittance

So after 24 months of no foreign remittance, your Kabayan account will automatically be converted into a regular passbook savings account. This time, meron nang maintaining balance requirement na 2,000 pesos.

This means na dapat meron kang 2,000 pesos sa account mo everyday as maintaining balance. Puede namang hindi everyday na andon yong 2,000 pesos basta lang sa ibang araw meron kang nakadeposit na more than 2,000 pesos at nang sa ganon, pag mag-compute na ang BDO ng average daily balance for the month, 2,000 pesos or more pa rin ang lumalabas na balance.

I asked my relative to deposit money to my Kabayan account so it will remain a Kabayan account. Why was my Kabayan still converted into a regular account?

Dapat remittance from abroad. Ang deposit over the counter or online money transfer from another BDO account ay hindi considered remittance from abroad.

Why was my account closed after it was converted?

It was closed because your balance was only 300 pesos or less. When the 300-peso penalty was deducted, your balance became ZERO or NEGATIVE, so automatically, your account was closed.
Ang rule is: After 2 consecutive months that your account is below maintaining-balance status, your account will get a penalty of 300 pesos every month until your balance is used up, or until you restore it to good status.

Once na naging zero o negative ang bank account, automatically ay nako-close ito. Naka-program yan, so automatic.

Can I reactivate my closed account?

BDO does not reactivate closed accounts.
But you can open a new BDO account after 6 months.


  1. Kabayan savings account was opened back in July 2017 but have not received any remittance. Can i still use it as someone from abroad will be deposting money on it weekly. Thanks!

  2. Bakit naghulog ako kagabi s bdo account ko hanggang ngaun di pa rin pumasok..?


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