Can I Pay SSS Contributions Immediately After Getting My SSS No.?

QUESTION:  I already have my SSS no., can I pay my SSS contributions now?


No. Not yet. Your payments might be accepted by the cashier or teller. But your payments will be INVALID contributions.

What should you do?  
You wait till you get employed, so your employer will report you to SSS and will remit your contributions to SSS.

If you have a small business,
or you're earning from your profession,
or you're earning from homebased online work
or you're a direct seller of products
or you're into buy-and-sell
or you're an independent contractor,

register first as SELF-EMPLOYED at an SSS branch. Bring your ID, your document showing your source of income, and fill up SSS RS1 form.

Have your RS1 form approved, dated and SSS-stamped by the SSS officer.
Keep this form (original and xerox copies) for future use.

After your RS1 form is approved, you can start paying your contributions.

If you're an OFW, you can go the SSS desk office of the Philippine consulate in the city where you are with your IDs and work papers and register.  Call or google the consulate first because they have schedules for specific services.

If you're far from a Philippine consulate with an SSS desk office, you can register as OFW using SSS OW-1 form.  Download it, print it, accomplish it, make a photocopy for yourself, then mail the original together with a copy of your IDs to :

International Operations Division
3/F SSS Building, East Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

If you will register correctly with SSS, and your first contributions will be paid, you will be given a DATE of COVERAGE.
If you have a Date of Coverage (DOC), you can apply for your SSS ID and can claim SSS benefits.

As of now though, based on comments on our blogs, it takes many months for the DOC to get posted.

How to Avail of Philhealth Benefits as Individual Payor or Voluntary

Updated March 9, 2018

To avail of Philhealth benefits as Individual Payor or Voluntary or Self-Employed (Informal Economy Category), you should register first as Philhealth member.


or HOW TO UPDATE your Philhealth Membership:

1.  Prepare your ID or any identification document and 600 pesos.

2.  If you are married, prepare your marriage certificate (orig and xerox).
     If you have children, prepare their birth certificates (orig and xerox).

3.  Go to the nearest Philhealth branch with the above documents.

4.  Fill up the PMRF form. (Philhealth Member Registration Form)

5.  Submit your PMRF and documents.

6.  Receive your MDR and Philhealth card.

7.  Pay 600 pesos for the current quarter.
     You can pay 1,200 pesos for 6 months
      or 2,400 pesos for 1 year.

     You ARE NOT ALLOWED to pay for the PAST QUARTER.

8.  Keep your receipt (original and xerox copies).
     Hospitals do not accept receipts that cannot be read due to damage.


Present the following documents to the hospital or clinic BEFORE discharge:

1.  Clear and recent copy of your Member Data Record (MDR)

2.  Clear copy of your Philhealth premium payment receipt
     (Payment of at least 3 months within 6 months prior to hospitalization)
Starting October 1, 2018, prior 9 monthly payments na ang required. Dapat meron kang nabayaran na 9 months sa loob ng past 12 months BEFORE hospitalization. Include current month sa pagbilang ng 12 months.

3.  Philhealth Claim Form 1
      (Fill up the form in CAPITAL LETTERS correctly and completely.
        Check appropriate boxes.)

4.  Clear copy of your Philhealth card or ID or any valid ID
      (Some hospitals require this)

5.  If you are a dependent, your name must be written in the MDR.
     (If MDR is not yet updated, you can present your birth certificate or marriage certificate, but many hospitals require updated MDRs).

6.  If the Philhealth member cannot be present to sign Claim Form 1 for the dependent patient, the member's spouse, child, parent, sibling or guardian can sign in behalf of the member.
     (Some hospitals require marriage certificate or birth certificate)

REMEMBER, present your Philhealth documents BEFORE DISCHARGE.
Make sure your Philhealth benefit has been deducted from your Hospital Bill BEFORE Discharge.

YOU CAN NO LONGER file for refund from Philhealth.  Philhealth NO longer allows Direct Filing by members at any Philhealth branch.

Only members confined OVERSEAS can file directly with Philhealth,
and only those with VALID reasons can file an appeal with Philhealth.


If you are a new member or newly updated, and you have paid for the current quarter, you can start using it on the third month of the quarter you paid and in the next quarter.
Example: You paid the premiums for July-August-September quarter.  You can use it starting September.

Starting October 1, 2018, hindi na puede itong one-quarter payment.

The rule is:  BEFORE confinement or treatment, you must have paid at least 3 of the 6 months PRIOR to hospitalization or treatment.  
Month of hospitalization is included in the counting of 6 months.
Premium payment on or after admission date is not accepted for current confinement.


What is Date of Coverage in SSS? Is It Important?

DATE OF COVERAGE in SSS is the Date  (Month and Year)  set by SSS as the start of your membership.

It is NOT the date when you got your SSS number.

If your first contribution to SSS was as Employee,
your Date of Coverage (DOC) is the Month and Year you first worked for your first employer that reported you to the SSS.

If your first contribution to SSS was as Self-Employed, your DOC is the Month and Year of your first valid contribution to SSS as Self-Employed.

Your first contribution is valid if you registered as Self-Employed using SSS RS-1 Form and this form was approved, stamped and signed by SSS.

If your first contribution to SSS was as OFW, your DOC is the Month and Year of  your first contribution to SSS as OFW.

If you were not Employed, Self-Employed or Non-Working Spouse before becoming an OFW, you should first submit to SSS an accomplished SSS OW-1 Form before making your first contribution as OFW.

If you registered as Non-Working Spouse, your DOC is the Month and Year of your first contribution to SSS as Non-Working Spouse.

If your FIRST contribution to SSS was as Voluntary, your first contribution is INVALID.
The cashier accepted your payment because she did not know it was your first payment to SSS as Voluntary.

You must FIRST register and pay as Employed, or Self-Employed, or OFW, or Non-Working Spouse before becoming Voluntary later on.

Is Date of Coverage important?

Yes, this date is very important.  You WILL NOT be able to get any SSS benefit, even your pension, if you do not have a Date of Coverage.

If you have a Date of Coverage, it means that you registered with SSS correctly and properly and that SSS approved your membership.

How Can I Know if I have a Date of Coverage?
Two ways:
- You visit the nearest SSS with your ID and ask your DOC. Many branches ask you to fill up a verification slip to present to the SSS officer.
-  or You enroll in SSS Online service so you can see your Date of Coverage.

When Can I Apply for my SSS ID?
How to Register with SSS as Self-Employed


Can I Open a Bank Account Without Going to the Bank?

No, you cannot open a bank account without going to the bank.

You must be physically present at the bank to present your IDs and to accomplish and sign bank account forms.


1.  There are now Philippine banks that allow you to start filling up account opening forms on their websites, but you will need to go to the bank with your IDs to sign forms and to get your atm card or passbook.

2.  There are banks that allow an OFW to open a special OFW account at the offices of selected remittance partners abroad, which are usually banks or financial companies.  These offices abroad will forward the account opening documents to the banks in the Philippines, which will then evaluate the application documents.

3.  Certain overseas branches of Philippine banks also assist in the opening of Philippine-based bank accounts.


Part Eight of the Manual of Regulations for Banks (MORB)

Anti Money-Laundering Regulations

X806.1.e Face-to-face contact

No new accounts shall be opened and created without face-to-face contact and personal
interview between the covered institution’s duly authorized personnel and the potential customer except under Subsecs. X806.1.e.1 to e.3.
(Circular No. 706 dated 05 January 2011)

 X806.2 Customer identification

Covered institutions shall establish and record the true identity of its customers
based on valid identification document/s specified in Subsec. X806.2.c.
(Circular No. 706 dated 05 January 2011)

 X806.1.e.3 Third party reliance

Where a third party as defined under Subsec. X806.2.e.1 has already conducted
the requisite face-to-face contact on its own customer who was referred to a covered institution, the latter may rely on the representation of the third party that it has already conducted face-to-face contact: Provided, That the pertinent requirements in Subsec. X806.2.e.1 are also met.
(Circular No. 706 dated 05 January 2011)



I Can't Be a Dependent of My Husband Because I'm a Philhealth Member. Is this True?

Is it true that I cannot be a dependent of my husband under Philhealth because I'm a Philhealth member?

If you are Employed, and therefore an active Philhealth member, you cannot be a dependent of your husband under Philhealth.

You cannot be a Philhealth  member and at the same time a Dependent.

BUT if you became Unemployed and it seems you will be Unemployed for many months or years, you can CANCEL your Philhealth membership and 
ask your husband to register you as his DEPENDENT: 

1.  Write a letter to Philhealth asking Philhealth:
       .  to cancel your Philhealth membership because you have been Unemployed and
       .  to register you as Dependent of your husband.

       The letter can be handwritten or printed; can be in Tagalog or English.    

2.  Ask your husband to go to Philhealth with your letter, his ID and your marriage certificate (xerox and original copies).
      .  Fill up Member Data Form (Check "For Updating")
      .  Write you as Dependent
      .  Get updated MDR


When Can I Apply for My SSS ID?

If you have been a paying SSS member for many months or years already, and you are sure you have a Date of Coverage, you can apply for your SSS ID any business day.  Bring your valid IDs.

If you're a new member, you can apply for your SSS ID after your first monthly contribution to SSS has been posted and your Date of Coverage has been posted.

In many cases, your Date of Coverage is posted about 3 or several months after your first payment.  You are also expected to pay your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent monthly contributions while waiting for your Date of Coverage.

If your middle name in your SSS records is only an initial, you are required to correct it first before you are allowed to apply for your SSS ID. 
What to do?  Fill up an SSS Member Data Change Request Form, then submit together with your birth certificate or passport.  

If you don't have a birth certificate, or if your birth certificate has a "Late Registration" mark, submit at least 2 supporting documents (any 2 of the following: Driver's License, Philhealth ID card, Postal ID card, Voter's ID card, TIN Card, Baptismal Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance, Pag-ibig Transaction Card, NBI Clearance, GSIS ID Card, Transcript of Records, see others in the SSS Member Data Change Request Form).

This is the SSS ID Card Application Form

Check the list of valid IDs in the form.

SSS ID or SSS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Card

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Bayad Center Transaction Form

Here's a photo of a Bayad Center Transaction Form:

Here are the details of the form:


                                  Please provide all required information below

Account Name (Surname, Given Name, Middle Name)

Present Address  _______________________________                       
__________________________Contact No. ________

                 TRANSACTION DETAILS

(  ) Bills Payment     (  ) Others _______

Biller _______                         Date _______
Amount Due _______              Due Date _______
SOA/Invoice No. _______       Statement Date _______

Account Number _______


ID Number _______
Payment Type (  ) Contribution   (  ) Short Term Loan    (  ) Real Estate
Payor Type  (  ) SE    (  ) VM   (  ) )OFW   (  ) Others_______
Loan Acct No. _______                Loan Type _______
Applicable Month(s)  From _______ To _______ Year_______
Contribution/Month _______  Total Amount_______

                PAYMENT DETAILS

(  ) Cash   (  ) Check   (  ) Cash & Check   (  ) Credit Card
Cash Php _______         Check No._______
Check Php _______           Bank_______
Total Php _______           Branch _______
Credit Card No. _______  Expiry Date _______

DECLARATION:  The information provided above and documents hereby submitted have been made in good faith, verified correct to the best of my knowledge, pursuant to any Laws and Regulations applicable. I fully understand that CIS BAYAD CENTER INC. is authorized to accept and process payments and documents submitted through its branches.

                              Signature over printed name


            Machine Validation
This will serve as your receipt when machine validated


If you're paying your SSS Loan, fill up the following:

Account Name:
Present Address:
Contact No.:
Biller: SSS
Date:  Aug 20, 2014
Amount Due:  1,080.00
ID Number: SSS No. 04-800804004
Payment Type: VM
Loan Acct. No. SSS No.  04-800804004
Loan Type: Salary
Applicable Month(s):  August 2014
Total Amount:  1,080.00
(  ) Cash
Cash Php:  1,080.00
Total Php:  1,080.00
Signature over printed name

Note: Many Bayad Centers do not accept payments for the previous month, even if you're still within your payment deadline based on the last digit of your SSS No.
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