Is it true that I cannot be a dependent of my husband under Philhealth because I'm a Philhealth member?

If you are Employed, and therefore an active Philhealth member, you cannot be a dependent of your husband under Philhealth.

You cannot be a Philhealth  member and at the same time a Dependent.

BUT if you became Unemployed and it seems you will be Unemployed for many months or years, you can CANCEL your Philhealth membership and 
ask your husband to register you as his DEPENDENT: 

1.  Write a letter to Philhealth asking Philhealth:
       .  to cancel your Philhealth membership because you have been Unemployed and
       .  to register you as Dependent of your husband.

       The letter can be handwritten or printed; can be in Tagalog or English.    

2.  Ask your husband to go to Philhealth with your letter, his ID and your marriage certificate (xerox and original copies).
      .  Fill up Member Data Form (Check "For Updating")
      .  Write you as Dependent
      .  Get updated MDR


vikz said…
paano kung nsa abroad ung husband ano po ang gagawin
Nora said…
vikz, husband abroad 5/21/16
What if my husband is abroad? What should I do?
Ask your husband to email you an authorization letter and attach a scan or photo of his ID. Have these printed at an Internet cafe. Then go to any Philhealth branch with your ID, marriage certificate (orig and xerox) plus your authorization letter, your husband's ID and your letter asking Philhealth to cancel your membership because you're already unemployed. Fill up the Philhealth registration form. Remember to write your name as dependent. Check FOR UPDATING. Submit docs. Get the updated MDR.
Authorization letter could be something like: I authorize my wife to update my Philhealth records and register my wife as my dependent.
Unknown said…
pag ipa update ang phil health, ilan buwan p uli ito bago magamit?
Nora said…
Hi Rita: Kung bayaran mo ang Oct-Nov-Dec quarter ngayong December, puede mo nang gamitin immediately the next day, kasi tamang-tama na meron ka nang at least 3 months na nabayaran. Pero kung start of the quarter ka mag-renew, at wala kang bayad the past quarter, antayin mong marating ang 3rd month ng quarter para magamit mo. At least 3 monthly payments kasi ang required (3 months within the past 6 months, kasama ang current month)
Unknown said…
Good day... ilikipat ko po ang anak ko sa as dependent ko... dependent na po kasi sya ngnasawa ko. Ano pong kakailanganin kong requirements? Salamat po
Nora said…
Hi parent, yes, puede. First, ask your husband to update his registration form, and remove your child as his dependent. Puede ring download a Philhealth registration form at i-fill up ng husband mo, at ikaw na ang mag-file. Then go to any Philhealth office with birth cert of your child (original and photocopy). Fill up registration form. Check FOR UPDATING. Write the name of your child in the Dependents portion of the form. Bring your ID.
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