QUESTION:  I already have my SSS no., can I pay my SSS contributions now?


No. Not yet. Your payments might be accepted by the cashier or teller. But your payments will be INVALID contributions.

What should you do?  
You wait till you get employed, so your employer will report you to SSS and will remit your contributions to SSS.

If you have a small business,
or you're earning from your profession,
or you're earning from homebased online work
or you're a direct seller of products
or you're into buy-and-sell
or you're an independent contractor,

register first as SELF-EMPLOYED at an SSS branch. Bring your ID, your document showing your source of income, and fill up SSS RS1 form.

Have your RS1 form approved, dated and SSS-stamped by the SSS officer.
Keep this form (original and xerox copies) for future use.

After your RS1 form is approved, you can start paying your contributions.

If you're an OFW, you can go the SSS desk office of the Philippine consulate in the city where you are with your IDs and work papers and register.  Call or google the consulate first because they have schedules for specific services.

If you're far from a Philippine consulate with an SSS desk office, you can register as OFW using SSS OW-1 form.  Download it, print it, accomplish it, make a photocopy for yourself, then mail the original together with a copy of your IDs to :

International Operations Division
3/F SSS Building, East Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

If you will register correctly with SSS, and your first contributions will be paid, you will be given a DATE of COVERAGE.
If you have a Date of Coverage (DOC), you can apply for your SSS ID and can claim SSS benefits.

As of now though, based on comments on our blogs, it takes many months for the DOC to get posted.

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