Yes, there are. The BPI correspondent banks in France are the following, including their Swift codes:

Bank of America, National Association  --  BOFAFRPP
Banque Populaire De La Cote D'azur  --  CCBPFRPPNCE
BNP Paribas  --  BNPAFRPP
Calyon  --  BSUIFRPP
Credit Agricole S.A.  --  AGRIFRPP
Credit Lyonnais  --  CRLYFRPP
ING Belgique S.A.  -- INGBFRPP
Monte Paschi Banque  --  MONTFRPP
Natixis  --  CCBPFRPP
The Bank of Tokyo-MitsubishiUFJ, LTD.  --  BOTKFRPX

The Swift code of BPI and BPI Family Bank is BOPIPHMM

A SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 characters and is used to identify a bank in international wire transfers. Sometimes it's called bank identifier code (BIC) or wire transfer code.

SWIFT is an acronym for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, headquartered in La Hulpe, Belgium, which handles registration and managements of the codes.

According to the BPI website, as of March 2012, the BPI charge for an incoming wire transfer is $6.50 for a dollar account or a dollar pickup and 150 pesos for a peso account or a peso pickup. Note also that the bank where you will make the wire transfer and any other bank that will process the transfer will charge you transfer fees. So it is best if you do the wire transfer with a BPI correspondent bank so you will be charged by only two banks -- the bank where you are making the transfer and BPI.

BPI correspondent banks in France

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