The best answer to "How to send money to BDO account from USA" is to find the nearest BDO remittance partner in your area in the USA. 

Make sure of the correct bank details of your receiver in the Philippines. Check the spelling of the name. What you know as your receiver's name might be different from his/her bank account name.

If you're sending to a BDO cash card, remember that a BDO cash card can contain only 10k pesos (card with no embedded name) and 25k pesos (card with embedded name) at a time. A cash card has no account number. Use the card's 16-digit number. Some remittance companies like Xoom and Transferwise do not send to cash cards and send to bank accounts only. Xoom can also be used for cash pickup.

Here are money transfer operators in the US that have partnered with BDO for remittance to the Philippines:

Dolex Dollar
700 Highlander Blvd. Suite 450
Arlington, TX 76015

Dolex Dollar
1550 North Brown Rd, Suite 145
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

IDT Payment Services, Inc.
550 Broad St.
Newark Ave., NJ 07102


LMI Express Delivery Inc.
1028 Mission St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
For a complete list of offices please visit USA

Omnex Group
580 Sylvan Ave. Suite LLA
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 07632

Placid Express
3501 Queens Blvd.
Long Island City NY 11101

Ria Financial Services
For the nearest location, call: 1-800-331-8714 

Small World Financial Services Group Ltd.
For online money transfer, visit

Transferwise Ltd. (Online money transfer)
For online money transfer, visit

Viamericas Corp.
7910 Woodmart Ave Suite 220 
Bethesda, MD 20814

Wells Fargo
For Wells Fargo Express Send, visit:

World Remit (Online money transfer)
For online money transfer, visit

Sigue Money Transfer


Western Union


Xpress Money (Xpress Money Services Ltd.)



New York Bay Remittance / TransFast

UAE Exchange



Small World

World Remit


I-Remit Inc.

How to send money to BDO account from USA

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