Here are some reasons why SSS maternity benefit claims are denied

These are based on the personal experiences of women SSS members who have commented on our blogs.

pregnant woman waits SSS maternity benefit

1.  Member is not eligible for maternity benefit.

Member has not paid her contributions for at least 3 of the 12 months BEFORE semester of delivery or semester of contingency.

2.  Applicable Contributions are Paid, but Not yet Remitted by Employer or Not Yet Posted

     If you're Employed, before you file your maternity claim, make sure that the 6 monthly contributions that will be considered by SSS in computing your Maternity Benefit are already posted in your SSS account.  Check your online SSS account.

3. Birth Certificate of Child was not Authenticated by the local registrar or PSA (formerly NSO).

Do not submit the birth certificate issued by the hospital.  Get your child's birth certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA, formerly NSO), or get a Certified True Copy of your child's birth certificate from your Local Civil Registrar. 

4. Signature in MAT1 is different from Signature in MAT2 because in MAT1, the maiden name is used, and in MAT2, the married name is used, and that SSS has not yet been updated about the change in civil status using the SSS Member Data Change Request E-4 form.

   If you want to change your surname as you are processing your claim, it is best to first wait that the change in surname is effected before you submit your MAT2 claim. Check your online SSS account from time to time.

MAT1 = Maternity Notification
MAT2 = Maternity Benefit Application for Self-Employed, Voluntary
                                                               or Separated Members
               Maternity Benefit Reimbursement for Employed Members

5.  Your Coverage Status in your Record is Different from your Status in your Claim

Example:  You checked VOLUNTARY in your MAT2 form, but your status in your SSS account is  EMPLOYED.

6.  Questions about the Child's Middle Name and Surname

Example:  The child's middle name is different from the mother's surname, and the child's surname is different from the father's surname.  

Remedy for this:  Submit Affidavit to Explain Discrepancy in Names

7.  MAT1 was not submitted to SSS before delivery of the child.  Or maternity notification was not filed online before date of delivery.

If you were not able to submit MAT1 or notify SSS online before delivering your child, attach your letter of explanation to your MAT1 form and ultrasound report or pregnancy test report.

Not all explanations are accepted; it depends on your reason and on the SSS officer evaluating your claim.

8.  Member delivered her child by CS, but did not submit Operating Room Record

9.  Member had Miscarriage, but did not submit Histopathology Report and Medical Certificate

10.  Member had ultrasound before Miscarriage, but Ultrasound does not show any proof of pregnancy, and OB-Gyne did not certify there was pregnancy.  

Alam mo or na-feel mo na naging pregnant ka (kaya ka nga nakunan), kaya lang hindi makita ng SSS ang proof na naging pregnant ka. 

Usually, ang mga cases na ganito ay yong nakukunan ng days pa lang up to around 7 weeks pa lang ang pregnancy. Akala pa ng iba ay delayed menstruation lang. Itong cases usually ang mahirap i-prove ang pregnancy, kasi walang prior ultrasound or walang makita sa ultrasound.

Kaya doon sa Maternity Notification, nakalagay doon na ang earliest na puedeng mag-submit ng notification sa SSS ay sa 60th day after conception.

 11. Member recently resigned from work, but did not submit these 3 documents:
        Certificate of Separation
        Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit
        L-501 form

If your date of separation from employment is within 6 months of your date of delivery, you need to submit these 3 documents from your former employer:
 . Certificate of Separation from Employment (must include date of separation)
 . Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit (this means your employer did not advance any amount of maternity benefit to you)
 . 2 copies of Specimen Signature Card (SSS Form L-501)

If the gap between your Date of Separation and Date of Delivery is more than 6 months, but less than 1 year, prepare to submit these 3 documents. The rule mentions 6 months, but there are officers still requiring these documents even if the gap is more than 6 months.

There was one member who commented here, saying that the gap in her case is 11 months and 28 days, and her claim papers were accepted. But later on, her claim was Denied  due to lack of separation papers. She had to wait for her rejected papers, and had to resubmit her claim.

Hindi mo na ba makita ang employer mo? Or nag-AWOL ka ba?
If you can no longer find your former employer, or if you went AWOL and your request for documents is not attended to, you can use this form: Affidavit of Undertaking (English) or
Affidavit of Undertaking (Tagalog) or Affidavit of Undertaking (Visayan).

12.  There's an error in the Certificate of Separation or L-501.

Example: The signatures on the L-501 and Certificate of Separation are not the same. Or there is No Date of Separation in the Certificate of Separation.

13.  It was Certificate of Employment that was submitted. 

Submit Certificate of Separation. These 2 kinds of certificates have almost the same contents, but they have different emphasis.  There have been at least 3 members whose claims were Denied because of this reason. 

14.  The Numbers of Pregnancies or Deliveries or Miscarriages in the Forms or in Previous Maternity Claims are not consistent.

Example:  In your MAT1 form, you wrote 2nd pregnancy, but the Birth Certificate shows 3rd in Birth Order.  Another Example: 3rd pregnancy in MAT1, but MAT2 shows 2 miscarriages and 2 deliveries or the Birth Certificate shows 4 in Total No. of Children Born Alive.

15.  Member has no Date of Coverage.

Usually, a member discovers that she has no Date of Coverage upon submission of MAT1, but there are cases that are not detected early, especially now that MAT1 can be submitted online.

Why are  there members without Date of Coverage (DOC)?
These members without DOC are usually the ones who have been paying their contributions as Voluntary without first registering properly and correctly.

You have a Date of Coverage if:
 . you were reported to SSS by your employer as Employee
 . you registered at an SSS branch as Self-Employed using RS1 form and your Proof of Source of Income       and your application was approved
 . you registered as Non-Working Spouse and your application was approved
 . you registered as OFW and your application was approved

Making your FIRST payment to SSS as Voluntary is not allowed. You become Voluntary only when you stop being an Employee, Non-Working Spouse, Self-Employed or OFW, and you decide to continue making SSS contributions.

16.  Your Employer Has Not Filed Its Sickness and Maternity Benefits Payment Thru the Bank (SMB) form
        SSS now requires every employer to file its SMB PB form. SSS will pay your maternity benefit through the SSS-registered bank account of your employer.  If you're Employed, ask your employer if it has filed its SMB PB form before filing your maternity benefit claim.

17.  Hindi na ito -->>  5th or Subsequent Pregnancy or Miscarriage  

        Salamat at hindi na rason ito under the New Maternity Leave Law.  

Dati, merong ganitong rule: Only the first four deliveries or miscarriages are covered under the SSS maternity benefit program.  This policy started on May 24, 1997. Even if you were not able to claim your maternity benefit for your first four deliveries or miscarriages, you can no longer claim for your 5th or subsequent deliveries or miscarriages.

Under the new law, UNLIMITED na. Kahit ilang pregnancies or miscarriages, covered na lahat.

Since June 2016, there have been already a separate application form for those EMPLOYED and those NOT EMPLOYED:

Maternity Benefit Application Form for Self-Employed, Voluntary Member and OFW

Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Form for Employed Member

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documents should be consistent

What to Do When Your SSS Maternity Benefit Is Denied 

You might like to learn some interesting things from Previous Comments from Users:  Reasons Why SSS Maternity Benefit Claims Are Denied
Comments from July 12, 2013 to May 28, 2014

Comments from 

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This post on Reasons for SSS Maternity Benefit Rejection has received more than a thousand comments over the years, so I had to move the comments to Google Drive and to another post. 

If you like, you can go to the links above to see these comments.

Here below are some of the most helpful or interesting comments:

From Unknown 10/6/17:  

Hello! Just to share my experience, I got pregnant August 2014 and went AWOL January 2015 from my employer. Mula noon nagvoluntary member ako sa SSS and filed my maternity notification. Upon filing nakita ko sa requirements na kailangan ko ng Certificate of Separation, Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit and L-501 form. It was impossible for me na makuha yung mga documents dahil sa status ko na AWOL so hindi na ako nag-abala na magpasa ng MAT-2 after ko manganak ng May 2015. Pero, recently upon searching sa internet I learned na pwede palang gumamit ng AFFIDAVIT OF UNDERTAKING for cases like mine na hindi makakuha ng documents from past employer dahil ng AWOL status ko. It just cost me 100 pesos para ipanotarize yung affidavit together with all other requirements for Voluntary/Separated member CS delivery such as Certified True copy Operating Room Record, Discharge Summary, Clinical History, ipinasa ko na lahat ng pwede just to assure na hindi madedeny yung application ko and luckily after 3 weeks of waiting when I checked my maternity benefit claim status sa sss website, it was already SETTLED and as of now I am waiting na mareflect na sa account ko yung maternity benefit ko.

From Michelle 10/1/17:
Hi po...nakunan po ako nung september 20..10 weeks pregnant po ako raspa po ako... kaya lang po hindi po ako nakapag pasa ng MAT1 at wala din po akong ultrasound before ako makunan.. pwede pa po kaya ako makakuha ng maternity? Thank you po sa pag sagot.

From Unknown in reply to Michelle above 10/12/17:

Same tayo michelle. Mat 2 nlng po i file nyo sa sss.. Yan din ung sinabi ng sss sakin.. Need lang ng ultrasound before and after ka nakunan yan ung requirements nila

From shania 4/24/17: 
HI MS KD, Patulong naman. ito reply sakin ng previous Company ko. Wala talaga akong natanggap na any amount. online-accepted status ko sa sss website. Rule ng Company, hindi pwedeng mag walk in sa kanila previous employee. May portal/website sila for us. Please enlighten me sa dapat gawin. Its been 3yrs. Im lacking L501. Di kasi nila maprovide.

Upon carefully checking our records, we have seen that you were able to receive your Mat-1 claim Cash Advance. However, the cash advance was not deducted from your final pay. Thus, we cannot provide a certificate of Non cash advance, as well as the L501 form and your Maternity documents. We can offer you two options for that, one is that you can submit the lacking documents for your Mat-2 claim so that we can process the reimbursement of the Maternity claim. We will then notify you once we receive the reimbursement so that you can claim the second half of your Maternity claim. The second option is to provide an Authority to deduct form for us to be able to deduct the Mat-1 claim from your final pay for us to be able to process the requested Certificate of Non Cash Advance.

Kindly let us know your decision by creating another ticket.

KD 4/24/17: Hi shania: Ano yong option 2 nila? Hindi mo pa ba nakukuha ang final pay mo from them? Or ang ibig nilang sabihin ay isoli mo yong inadvance nila na one-half? If you don't remember any cash advance, ask them through their portal if they gave you your cash advance through payroll (payslip) or through a check.
Kung hindi pa nabigay ang final pay mo, I suggest choose their option 2, so you can file your own claim directly with SSS

From shania 4/25/17
Hi KD. thanks for replying.
Bale. 8k lang nakuha ko thru atm. Backpay ko yun. Yung mat ko is 33k yung approved amount approved ng SSS. So kung first half nakuha ko roughly 15k sana. Nasakin lahat ng MAT2 FORMS. Diko binigay sa kanila kasi nga theyre saying na nag cash advance daw ako. Wala ako nareceive. And separated status ko. I resigned AUG then DEC 2014 ako manganak. Wala talaga sila maadvance.

I secured L501, CERT OF NON ADVANCEMENT, AND CERT OF SEPARATION FROM EMPLOYER bago ako magresign. Yung HR admin pinirmahan yung 2 except L501.
So dinala ko sya sa SSS. Sabi ng SSS meron lang daw mga tao from my company na dapat pumirma dun hindi ang Hr na yun. Pagbalik ko, since separated employee nako. Nirefer ako sa portal. Tho andun yung mga tao na dapat pipirma. Hindi po gumagana ang portal nila. Never gumana. Im losing hope na talaga.

ilang beses nako bumalik. Wala naman sila mapresent sakin na documentation na nag cash advance ako. And wala akong any check or anything na pinirmahan sa kanila. Gusto ko nalang magfile ng complaint talaga. :(

Danzel 4/22/17: 
Hi denied yung Maternity claims ko. I submitted all the documents na hinihingi nyo and yet yung processing dept. Ganun ganun nlang magdenied. Bago namin ipasa mga documents dumaan na yan muna sa staff kung anong kulang at sila na mismo nagconfirm na kumpleto. Binalikan ko yung staff na tumanggap sa documents ko kung anong reason. Sabi ng staff nyo yung nasa data na reason hindi accurate at wala silang maibigay na explanation at para ma ibalik ang mga documents ko after 1 month pa!!! Ano to naglolokohan tayo!! 3weeks process tapos ibabalik after 1 month pa wala pang explain kung bakit tapos di pa matawagan hotline nyo.

Majo 4/20/17:
Hi gusto ko lng po itanung kung makukuha ki pa ang mat 2 ko kse po nag pasa ako ng mat 2sa employer ko ngaun mo ung sa birth certificate ng anak ko nde pang apat ko na sya pero sa mat 1 ko ang nakalagay po dun ay pangatlo palng ang ipinag bubuntis ko tapos hininingan po ako ng
Obstetrical history ngaun po nde ren po ako mabigyan ng ospital ng o.h kse po nun nag lalabor po ako ang sinabe ko po dun ay pangatlo paren po ang anak ko na lalabas pero ang totoo po pang apat ko na po un nahiya po kse ako sabihen na 4na anak sa idad na 23 apat na anak ko ayoko den po kse sermonan sa ospital kya pinababa ko po ang bilang ng anak ko sana po matulungan nyo ko slamat po

KD 4/24/17
Hi Majo: Yong sa MAT2 mo ba ay inilagay mo na 4 ang Number of Pregnancies mo? Yong sa birth certificate ba ay nakalagay na 4th ang birth order? Kung oo, bale pareho yong birth cert at MAT2 mo na tama. Yong MAT1 lang ang naiba. Subukan mong mag-submit ng claim sa ibang branch, baka hindi mapansin yong 3 sa MAT1 mo. Kapag mapansin, sabihin mo na nalito ka. Kung ayaw tanggapin, tanungin mo kung anong puede mong gawin para matanggap ang documents mo.

Unknown 4/13/17:
Hi KD, My situation is a bit different. I have 3 miscarriages and D & C in a row. First is June 2016, second is Nov 2016 and the third is just last month, March 2017. The first one is already reimbursed by SSS in July 2016. However up to now, I am not sure of the status second one. There is nothing reflected whenever I check online. Documents were filed by my employer in Dec 2016 and we learned in Feb 2017 that SSS Main is asking for additional document (discharge summary) which we submitted also 2 days after knowing. Now SSS Eastwood (the branch where we file) is saying my claim is already approved and no additional documents need to be submitted. If approved, why it is not being reflected online til now? I am concerned, have you known a case of disapproval because the 12 months prior to the semester of contingency overlaps? My pregnancies are close to each other since it all resulted to miscarriages so some months in the first pregnancy overlaps with the second and almost all months of the third overlaps with the second.

Leesa 3/29/17:
Good day! Tanong ko lang po sana kung anung pwede kong gawin.naghulog po ako sa sss ko as voluntary nung march 2016 tapos po employed po ako from june 2016 to august 2016 pero po ang naipost lang na contribution ng employer ko ay july 2016. Pinapaayos ko po sa employer ko yung contribution ko for the month of june, april 2017 po yung expected due date ko. Tanung ko lang po sana kung kapag naipost na po ba yung contribution ko ng june e pwede ba akong magclaim ng maternity benefits? Salamat po

Unknown in reply to Leesa: 3/29/17
Ang alam ko kasi mas maganda sana kun jan2016 to dec2016 ka naghulog para sure na may makuha ka kasi ako completo un last year ko due date ko ngayun june2017 nag inquire ako sa may online sss nakita ko na eligibility ako pwedi ako makakuha ng maternity dahil sa contribute ko ..ask mo rin sa sss kun kaylangan mo pa maghulog para hangat di kapa nanga2nak maasikaso muna para makakuha ka ng maternity

Leesa 3/29/17: 
Last time kasi na naginquire ako sa sss sabi saken basta daw maipost yung contribution ko ng month of june makakakuha daw ako ng maternity benefits. Kaso ang probkema ko lang is 'til now di pa naaayos ng employer ko yung contribution ko. Anytime kasi pwede na kong manganak pero di pa rin ako nakakapagpasa ng mat1 baka kasi di na pwedeng ayusin yun pag nanganak na sayang naman.

Unknown in reply to Leesa 3/29/17:
Lakarin mo muna agad yung mat 1 mo ..ako last year ko pa nalakad ..tapos pag wala pa rin hulog ng june 2016 mo tanung mo kung pwedi ikaw na lang maghulog sayang kasi..


Unknown said…
How can I fix my mat1 and mat2? In mat1 I'm still employed but I resigned before may pregnancy. How can i make my mat1 from employed to voluntary so that when I file my mat2 they will just same as mat1.
Nora said…
Hello, pay at least 1 month contribution as Voluntary so your status will become Voluntary. June 1 na ngayon, bayaran mo yong earliest month na puede mo pang bayaran. Example, kung puede mo pang bayaran ang January. By the way, when is your expected delivery date? At kelan yong month na huli kang merong SSS contribution as employee?
Unknown said…
Hi po! Tanong Lang po if pwde p poba ako mg file ng sss maternity notification sa employer ko po now na mg 4 months n po pregnancy ko? Thank u po.
Nora said…
Hi, oo, puedeng-puede. Mag-file ka na. Ang deadline naman is before delivery. Gusto lang ng mga employers na mas maaga mag-notify para makapaghanda sila sa pag-maternity leave ng employee nang matagal.
Anonymous said…
Pano po kung naka limutan po na ilagay na pang second pregnancy napo sa mat1? Wala napuba maga2wang paraan para hinde madenied? Ngayon kulang po kc naalala na dko nalagay sa pinasa ko na mat1 ung last pregnancy ko kc nabasa kopo d2 .Waladin po kc cnbi ang employer ko kung ano napo balita sa mat leave ko Jan kopa po pinasa sakanila ung mat1 form kopo. Sana po may makasagot. Salamat
Nora said…
Hi, parang mas okay yata na wala kang nailagay kesa mali yong nailagay mo. Enrolled ka ba sa SSS online? Mag-enroll ka para ma-check mo kung meron kang existing maternity notification. Madali lang mag-enroll ngayon. Una muna is dapat mag-create ka ng gmail address mo, kung wala ka pa nito, at i-take note mo yong user name and password mo kasi dian ipapadala ng SSS yong email nila sa iyo para ma-verify mo yong enrollment mo.
Anonymous said…
Hi po tanong ko Lang employed po ako Wala po ako natanggap Mula SA employer ko ngayon mag file ako Ng maternity reimbursement ko pinapa open account Yung employer ko para dun daw ideposit Wala po ba ibang option para saakin direct ibigay benefits ko SA maternity
Anonymous said…
Yes po nakakapag open napo ako thrue sss app. kaso dkopo makita dun kung nanotify na ni employer si sss about sa pregnancy kopo. Pano puba makikita dun sa app kung may maternity notification nako sa sss?? Thank you po
Nora said…
Hi, incomplete pa kasi ang app. Pumunta ka sa and login. Choose "Inquiry" and click "Submit Maternity Notification" kung anong isasagot. Check mo lang, huwag mong i-fill-up kasi ang alam ko kapag Employed, dapat sa online account ng Employer ang notification. Makita mo doon na kung online notification ang ginawa ng Employer mo, wala naman doon yong kung pang-ilan na ang pregnancy.
Nora said…
Hi, yan ang mahirap sa mga Employers na hindi makasunod sa tama. Ok lang kung taghirap talaga sila. Pero kung madamot lang, yon ang pangit. Thru banks kasi ang SOP ng SSS -- pag Employed, sa Employer's bank account nila idinedeposit yong benefit, kasi ang alam nila is nag-advance na yong Employer sa yo. Tanungin mo ang Employer mo kung naka-enroll na ba sila sa Sickness and Maternity Benefits Payment thru-the-Bank (SMB-PB) Program.
Self-employed at voluntary lang ang diretso ang maternity or sickness benefit.
Anonymous said…
Hi. Kelan po makukuha ang maternity claim benefit? Bago po ba manganak pdeng makakuha ng half of it? Employed po ako dati ngbayad ang employer ko until February 2020 then itinuloy ko ung contribution ko as voluntary na this March. Thanks po

ng March
Nora said…
Hi, sad to say, wala ka nang employer kaya wala nang magbibigay ng advance benefit sa iyo. Ang SSS ay hindi nag-a-advance. If the gap between the date of your separation from your employer and the date of your delivery is less than 6 months, call your former employer and request for a certification that they did not advance to you your maternity benefit.
Anonymous said…
Hi miss nora. Thanks for that clarification. Yes po nbgyan na nila ako ng certificate ng no cash advance. Isinama ko po un nung nagnotify ako sa kanila. After ko pa po pala manganak ko makukuha ang benefit ko. Miss Nora pde ko na po din kaya babaan ang share ko monthly? Sinced wala na din po akong work. Hindi po kaya makakaaffect un sa makukuha kong maternity benefit? 2400 po ang share ko until this month of March. Kht feb po ang last payment ng employer ko. Thank you in advance.
Nora said…
Hi, yong certificate of no advance ay isasama mo sa pag-claim mo. Sana meron ka pang kopya. Bakit kaya hindi nila isinoli sa yo? Kasi malabong mahanap pa nila yon later on sa dami ng files nila. If you'll deliver this July or Aug or the months following, okay na kung babaan mo, wala nang effect sa benefit mo ngayon. Kung meron kang online SSS account, icheck mo kung lahat ng contributions mo ay naka-post na sa SSS.
Anonymous said…
Hi miss Nora. Meron pa po akong copy kc po thru email Lang din ipinadala saken ng company ko dati due to pandemic po. Miss Nora how about po ung sa online sss account kelan magaappear doon ung maternity notification ko sa kanila? Or meron man po after ko na ba xa maclaim dun pa lang me magaapear sa online sss account ko? Thank you
Anonymous said…
Lahat namn po ng contributions ko is nakapost na sa online account ko. Pero sabi po ng nakausap ko ang Jan- March contribution ko po is d na maisasama sa computation dahil late ko na po nabayaran ang month of March. Bale po miss Nora, from January 2019- March 2020 eto po ang mga contributions ko.
Jan 2019- 1760
Feb2019- 1760
June2019- 0
Sept2019- 2400
Sa mga naihulog ko po na qualified po ba ako sa maximum benefit na 70k? Thank you in advance

Unknown said…
hi po maam can i ask po kung ano po pwedeng gawin kapag na denied po ang maternity nag file po kase ako june 3 pinapunta po ako for appointment then pinasa ko po lahat ng requirement complete po pinakita ko din po oroginal & photocopies by the way po july 14 2019 pa po ako separated sa employer ko po pero bago po ako mag resign nakapag file po ako ng mat 1 then kumukha po ako sa kanila ng L501 certificate of separation and non cash advance tapos po neto pong july nag cehck po ako sa portal at nakalagay po is denied at reason po is
NO CERTIFICATE OF SEPARATION FROM EMPLOYMENT ISSUED AND DULY SIGNED BY LAST EMPLOYER'S AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY PRIOR TO APPLIED CONFINEMENT PERIOD ano po ba ibig sabihin po nyan at paano ko po maaayos para maging ok na po kelangan ko po kase talaga yung maternity ko po maraming salamat po sa sasagot
Nora said…
Hi, I hope bukas mag-iba yong nasa portal mo kasi nagkamali lang sila ng pag-input. Kasi sabi mo, nag-submit ka naman ng separation documents. Meron nang nag-comment dito na Denied sila then later on, naging Settled. By the way, check mo nga yong photocopies mo kung yong signature sa L501 is pareho sa signature sa separation certificate mo. Baka kasi magka-iba yong nag-sign. "I'm wondering also about yang "Prior to Applied Confinement Period" kung bakit sila may ganyang condition, na parang required nila na yong document ay dapat nagawa bago ka nanganak, which is "bakit? at anong kaso kung nagawa after ka nanganak? Dati naman, wala akong na-encounter na merong ganyang condition.
Kung hindi nagbabago yong "Denied" sa portal mo, magpa-appointment ka uli sa branch mo para tanungin kasi nag-submit ka naman. Bring your photocopies. Magpa-photo-copy ka pa uli ng para sa iyo para may hawak ka.
Mhelamhela said…
Hi ms.nora

Ask ko lng po. Separated po aq sa work last april 2019 pero before po ako umalis naka file po ung mat1 ko sa company. I gave birth dec 2019 need ko pa rin po ba ng non advancement at L501.. Pano po un employed na po ako sa bagong company ngaun starting march2020. Pde pa po ba ako mg file ng mat2 personally or company na po? Saan po papasok un matben ko if ever maapproved po ako..

Thank you po
Anonymous said…
Possible po kayang madenied yong application ko pag COE lang ang pinasa ko at walang COS? Yon lang kasi ibibigay ng employer ko.Salamat
Google said…
Ma paprocess pa po ba ang maternity benifit ko ng check po ako sa website account ko nka settled n tapos ngayon na denied dahil daw po wala akong certificate of seperation wrong key daw po ea nag pass po ako certificate of employment yun po kc ying nka lagay na requirments na binigay saken tapos ngayon sabi po saken ng sss wala daw po akong pinass na COE ea ng pass namanako my pag asa pa po bang ma approved yung maternity ko thank you po sa makakasagot
Anonymous said…
ask ko lng po dahil naguguluhan ako.about maternity benefits more than 10years ko na po hinulugan ang sss ko then nag stop po ako kasi nawalan ako ng work tapos nag continue lang po ako ulet maghulog bago ako mag asawa pero hindi na po kasing laki ng hinuhulog ko dating may work pa ko.malaki na dn po ang total amount ng contribution ko sa sss.kaso nung nagtry ako magcompute online sobrang nalungkot ako dahil 15k lng ang lumalabas na pwede ko makuha..nakakadismaya dahil sa tagal kong hinulugan ang sss ko sobrang pagod at hirap bago ko nakumpleto ung mahigit 10years kong pinaghirapan balewala pala sa maternity benefits na makukuha ko..sana hindi naman totoong 15k lng ang makukuha ko dahil ang laki ng binayaran ko sa ospital naconfine kami ni baby at cs dn ako halos umabot ako ng 400k sa gastos tapos ganun lang pala ang sss ko kulang na kulang pa pambayad ng utang ko������
Unknown said…
Hello po maam. Denied mat claim ko ang nakalgay po is no minimum 3 qualifying months of contribution within the excluding semester of contingency *wrong key encoding nag email po ako sa kanila paiba iba sagot di malinaw. Last email ko amg sagot sakin kaya daw po ako denied dahil nagbayad daw po ako ng july to sept is october. which is pasok daw sa contingency si october. Dapat nagbayd daw ako before si contingency
Ang 12mos ko ay october 2018 to sept 2019. Nagbayad po ako mg pang july ay october na kasi sabi po ng teller pwede pa july to sept na sana dapat ay october ang huhulugan ko. Napanood ko na po ang mga vlog tungkol sa denied matben at magbasa basa din. Pero wala po akong napanood o nabasa na ganon ang dahilan.
Nora said…
Hello, kelan ka nanganak? Nanganak ka within January to March 2020? Kaya ang 12 months prior mo is Oct 2018 to Sep 2019? Sabi mo yong contributions mo for July to September 2019 is binayaran mo in October 2019? Yong contributions mo for April May June, binayaran mo ba before Oct 2018? Meron ka pa bang ibang months from Oct 2018 to March 2019 na binayaran?
If yes, dapat meron ka pa ring benefit, half of your benefit kung 3 months lang ang nabayaran mo within Oct 2018 to June.
Kindly tell me muna ang month of delivery mo at mga months na binayaran mo within the 12 months prior to semester of contingency at kung kelan mo binayaran para ma-complete ko ang sagot. Merong rule ang SSS na hindi ma-consider ang contributions na binayaran within semester of contingency.
Unknown said…
Hi po na denied po yung mat 2 ko kase daw magkaiba yung pirma ko sa reimbursement application at sa maternity notification form
Yung mat 1 ko pa thru online ko lang pinasa magagawan pa po ba yun ng paraan? Para ma approve?
Anonymous said…
08-07-2020 pko nanganak till now wla pa din i always folowup my agency sabi nila wla pang info c sss then i check online about my maternity i shock because its denied dhl wla clng na submit na bankacout i ash them sabi nila wla pa din info c sss sa knila ang tagal ko ng ngaantay till now..
Wla din akong natangap na cashadvance..
Unknown said…
Hi po . Pano po saken na late po filling ko ng matben , tapos naipasa ko nmn po lahat then yung last employer ko po is 2016 of october then nanganak ako april 2017.denied po ako kasi hinihingian nkalagay is SUBMIT AFFIDAVIT OF UNDERTAKING In LIEU OF CERTIFICATE OF SEPARATION OF EMPLOYMENT & NON ADVANCE PAYMENT OF BENEFIT. dun sa undertaking ko po nilagay ko ang check dun sa undertaking yung may AWOL kasi awol po ako dun sa last employer ko
Nora said…
Late filing? Puede namang i-file ang matben within 10 years after delivery (tatanungin ka lang naman kung bakit natagalan, pero it's not a reason for rejection of claim).
Ibig mo bang sabihin ay na-submit mo na yong Affidavit of Undertaking, pero rejected pa rin?
Unknown said…
Hello po pwde po bang mag tanung last December 2019 po ako na buntis tapos po d po ako mkpagpasa nang mat 1 dahil sa covid dn nanganak ako last August 2020 tapos po nag resign po ako sa work q dati... Ngayun po nag submit po ako matben na requirements tapos ang Sabi na reject daw po dahil d daw po ako employee nung na confine ako.. Eh nag resign po ako last September 2020 lng dn namn po sa company q MA resubmit q po b ulit Yun salamt
Nora said…
Hi, ikaw ba ang nag-file ng claim o employer mo? Kapag employed kasi, dapat employer ang nagsa-submit ng claim. Pag mag-resubmit ka as Separated na, kumuha ka ng Certification of Separation and Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit from your former employer. Dapat merong date of start of employment and date of separation sa certification. Humingi ka rin ng L501.
Unknown said…
Need help po, makukuha ko pa din po ba ang MAT claim ko? denied po kasi lumabas sa portal ko sa sss, ang reason ay "Enrolled account in DAEM with discrepancy against proof of account. Update/Correct yoyr account. *Wrong key incoding* "

Kung sakaling makukuha ko pa, gaano po ba katagal aantayin ko ulit para makuha ko na po MAT claim ko? Salamat po
Nora said…
Hi, icheck mo yong enrolled bank account mo sa Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM). Merong mali. Merong hindi matched between sa DAEM at sa proof of account na in-upload mo. Puedeng wrong account number or bank name. Puede ring hindi satisfactory yong uploaded proof of account mo. Ang i-upload mo yong latest deposit slip mo sa bank account mo, para makita yong name of bank at account number. Make sure exactly the same ang details sa DAEM at sa proof of account.
Sabi ng SSS, around one month ang waiting time for corrected claims. Puedeng mas matagal pa.
Unknown said…
Hi mam ask lang po nag check po kasi ako nung maternity status ko sa online ang naka lagay po denied then yung reason po ay delivery number already settled. Ano po ibig sabihin non? Sa sss app po ako nag check nyan then nag check din po ako sa sss website ang naka lagay po na status is rejected po?? Ano po ibig sabihin nun mam.. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Maraming salamat po
Nora said…
Hi, ang pagka-intindi ko sa reason nila is naibigay na yong benefit mo noon pa. Kung delivery number ang issue, it means nagkamali ka siguro sa pag-fill up ng forms, doon sa "Number of Pregnancies", "This is my 2nd or 3rd delivery" or "Prior to this notification, I have __pregnancies and __ miscarriages. Meron ding delivery number sa birth certificate. Dapat matched lahat yan. I-check mo, then i-correct mo, then mag-resubmit na lang ng claim.
Unknown said…
Hello po ask lang po ano po ibig sabhin nito

Claim is for adjustment / initial claim for re-bacth

Sana po mapansin salamat
Unknown said…
Hello po ask lang po ano po ibig sabhin nito

Claim is for adjustment / initial claim for re-bacth

Sana po mapansin salamat
Nora said…
Hi, parang meron silang mistake sa unang steps ng processing napansin ng susunod na verifier or processor. Kaya need ng adjustment. Wait mo na lang na maging "Settled" na sa online account mo.
Unknown said…
Hello po . Ask Lang po ako . Gaano po ba katagal ma okay kapag denied Ang status . ?
Nora said…
Hi, sad to say, kung yong reason ng denial ay according to SSS rules at hindi na maremedyuhan, halimbawa, kulang ang months of contribution, hindi na uli ire-review ang claim. Denied na permanently. Pero kung merong lang error sa forms or merong missing document, kunin mo lang uli yong denied documents, then i-correct mo lang yong error or add the required document, then re-submit. Puedeng one month or more ang pag-reprocess. Meron siguro less than a month, iba-iba kasi, depende sa branch, employees, work load, etc.
Unknown said…
Nagfiled po ako ng maternity reimbursement February 24,2021 at nacheck ko sa medical evaluation napproved ang status pero sa benefits maternity claim status rejected claim at ang remarks or reason ay claim application is not properly accomplished wrong key encoding as of process march 10,2021
Ano po ibig sabhin nyan nd n po b ako pwede maclaim at makricieve ng maternity benefits ko or ano po gagawin ko pakisagot amn po, sana po mapansin concern ko salamat po ng marami godbless us
Unknown said…
Voluntary member n po ako pero nd pa nagappered sa sytem na voluntary ako nakalagay employed n ako khit ng ngbyad n ako sa contributions ng januray at feb 2021 karugtong po ng tanong ko yan kaya ngreflect sa maternity reimbursement ko separated n po ako sa employer ko at ako n nagfiled ng maternity reimbursement ko
Nora said…
Para sa nag-file Feb 24, 2021: Hi, puede ka pa rin naman maka-claim, meron lang siguro hindi match sa pag-fill-up ng forms or merong kulang na document. Dati ka bang employed at nanganak ka na wala pang 6 months mula noong last day mo sa work mo? Kung ganon, kelangan ng certificate of non-payment of maternity benefits, certificate of separation from employment at L-501 form. Kung hindi naman ganyan ang kaso mo, puedeng merong unmatched sa mga details, for example, number of pregnancy, etc. sa birth certificate and sa claim forms. Antayin mo yong rejected forms, usually nakasulat doon ang instructions, or ask mo yong branch mo kung saan ka nag-file, kung meron silang walk-in schedule.
Nora said…
Para sa voluntary member na: Hi, yon naman ang rule ng SSS, na kapag mag-switch na ang employee to voluntary ay magbayad lang siya as voluntary, then SSS will automatically change the member status to Voluntary. Siguro ngayon, merong no. of months of paying as Voluntary bago nila i-change finally to Voluntary.
Meron ding rule ang SSS na kapag less than 6 months ang gap ng date of separation and date of delivery, Separated ang temporary status at required ang certificate of separation, cert of non-payment of maternity benefits and L-501 form (yong ibang branch hindi strict sa L-501 form). Merong ding officer na kahit 7 or 8 months na ang gap, nire-require pa rin ang additional docs from former employer (merong mga nag-comment dito dati).
Rose said…
I have my ultrasound when my stomach is only 2months old, and that time im employed and my employer submitted mat1 and my ultrasound expected date is last week of june 2021, and now i resigned from my work for about 3months now, they gave me the CERT OF SEPARATION AND NON CASH ADVANCE but they refuse to gave me L-501 idont know whats there reason, what would i comply for mat2 for replacement of L-501?, And also i have a problem in my new ultrasound it didnt matched the expected delivery in my mat1 , what would I do ??
Rose said…
I have my ultrasound when my stomach is only 2months old, and that time im employed and my employer submitted mat1 and my ultrasound expected date is last week of june 2021, and now i resigned from my work for about 3months now, they gave me the CERT OF SEPARATION AND NON CASH ADVANCE but they refuse to gave me L-501 idont know whats there reason, what would i comply for mat2 for replacement of L-501?, And also i have a problem in my new ultrasound it didnt matched the expected delivery in my mat1 , what would I do ??
Nora said…
Hi Rose, it's okay if the expected date has changed. It's normal that the expected date changes. About L-501, some SSS officers do not require L-501, specially if you submit your claim at the SSS branch where your former employer make their transactions. If you're now far from their branch, and if the SSS officer asks for your L-501, tell them that your employer did not want to give you an L-501. Just in case they require an L-501, there's this SSS form (Affidavit of Undertaking) that you can fill up. Write L-501 form on line 3, cross out certificate of separation and non-advancement because you have them, then fill in "Others" with "My employer refused to give me an L-501". Hope you get your claim easily.
Unknown said…
Hi po sana po mapansin tanong ko lang po kasi denied po ang status ko ang nakalagay po is THE SIGNATURE OF EMPLOYEE/EMPLOYER IN THE REUMBURSMENT APPLICATION IS DIFFERENT WHENCOMPARED AGAINST SICKNESS/MATERNITY NOTIFICATION FORM WRONG KEY- ENCODING pwede pa po bang mabago status ko nyan maam ano pong dapat kong gawin salamat po.
Nora said…
Hi, oo puedeng mag-submit uli ng claim. Dropbox ba ang paraan ng submission mo? Mag-walk-in ka nang maaga sa branch kung saan ka nag-dropbox para makuha mo uli yong documents mo, then i-correct mo kung ano yong signature sa reimbursement application na hindi pareho, kung yong signature mo or yong employer signature. Baka magka-ibang employer representatives ang pumirma sa notification at application mo. Yong application ang puedeng mabago, kasi yong notification meron nang dating receipt stamp and signature ng SSS.
Nora said…
By the way pala, mag-walk-in ka sa walk-in day para sa last digit of your SSS no. o kung anuman ang walk-in rules ng branch mo.
Unknown said…
pano if a denied ang materniy ko dahil sa solo parent pwede ba ko magpasa ulit ng walang solo parent
Nora said…
Hi solo parent, kulang ba o hindi ba satisfactory ang mga documents mo to prove that you are a solo parent? At hindi mo na ba mareremedyuhan? If wala nang paraan para mapatunayan na solo parent ka, yes, puede kang mag-submit uli as a regular member na lang.
Anonymous said…
Makukuha pa ba ang maternity benefits kung ang number of pregnancy sa sss ai pang 3 pero sa birth certificate ay pang 4...pls masagot po sana
Nora said…
Hi mother, mag-submit ka ng Affidavit of Discrepancy in Birth No. Puedeng in Tagalog. Salaysay ng Pagpapatunay sa Birth No. I-explain mo kung bakit 3 ang no. of pregnancy mo sa SSS pero 4th na yong sa birth cert. Meron ka bang miscarriage na hindi na-report at hindi na-claim sa SSS kaya 4 na yong sa birth certificate? O nagkamali ba yong sa birth certificate? Kung nagkamali sa birth cert, pumunta ka sa local registrar ng town/city kung saan ka nanganak at tanungin mo kung paano makorek ang error.
Unknown said…
Hi ask lang po ako eligible and accepted nman mat application ko however na rejected yung birth cert na pinasa ko kasi blurred daw may makukuha pa ba ako pwede ba ako magsend ng another birth cert na mas clear?
Nora said…
Hi mother who submitted a blurred birth cert: Yes, puede ka mag-file uli ng claim. Sabi ng SSS, kung hindi pumasa sa evaluation ang claim, puedeng mag-submit uli ng claim (complete set of documents) at ma-consider as new filing. Make sure na very clear na yong birth certificate. Ito merong instructions dito sa SSS guide dito. I-click mo lang yong "maternity".
Anonymous said…
Good evening. Currently buntis po ako and nkapagsubmit na ng Mat1. Ang problema ko po, nabuntis po ako nung teenager po ako pero it resulted to fetal death bc of complications. Ngayon sa Mat 1 ko, nilagay ko po prior to this notif i have 0 pregnancies and miscarriages. 0 po ang nilagay ko kasi di sya covered ng sss since wla pa kong sss nun. Tama po ba ang ginawa ko? if hindi, Pwede pa ba machange ang submitted Mat 1? Please help.
Anonymous said…
Also, pwede ko po bang madeclare sa hospital na 1st pregnancy ko to? Para 1st ang lalabas sa birth cert and coincide sya sa sinubmit ko na Mat 1.
Anonymous said…
Hi po,processing my reimbursement napo ako kaso denied reaaons is discrepancy/alteration/erasure....nalagay po casi ng hunsband q sa birth is 1 alive suppose to be 1 alive 1 miscarriage...then hindi q pa po na chnage ang status q po..single pa po aq nh file ng mat 1 then married napo ako ng file ng mat2 ...anu po ba ang gagawin q po kasi sa employer po ako nagpasa..please po sana masagot..god bless po.
Anonymous said…
Hi po, pa help naman. Na kunan kasi ako last october 2021 medical certificate lang ng before and after miscarriage ang meron ako. Na advance na sa akin ng employer ko yung maternity claims ko pero ngayon hindi pa rin sila nakaka reimburse laging denied dahil kulang daw documents ko e hindi ko naman na ma request dun sa clinic na pinag pa checkupan ko kasi masyado ng matagal and yun lang daw talaga kaya nila i provide
Anonymous said…
Sana po may makasagot malaking tulong po ito saakin.bali yung 1st 2nd 3rd at 4rth baby ko nd ko na i file sa matben gawa ng wala pa akong pang 5ft kong anak misscarrage dugo palang sya ito ang unang beses na na i file ko sya sa matben kasi may work na ako si 5ft nka na approved matben ko then nabuntis ako mga ilang months ito yung pang 6th baby ko live sya normal dilvery sa Birthcert. Pang 5ft sya sa number of pregnancy pang 6th ang baby kong obst.history g
1 to g4 normal delivery c g5 misscarge at remark na yung pang 6th ko. Pero nakalagy sa sss ko rejected discrepancy in the pregnancy number being filed maayus o saan po ba ang may mali? Si misscarge po dugo plang sya nang nakunan ako.ano po ba dapat gawin para nd na ma reject matben ko.pls po pa help stress na ko dito..
Anonymous said…
Question ko po is kapag ba madami ka ng anak pero nd mo naman na ifile sa sss yung iba pero yung pang lima na nakunan na dugo palang na i file mo na kakuha ka ng benifts sa pang anim mong baby nakalagay sa birthcert nya pang lima sya pero sa sss number of pregnancy 6. Paano at ano po ba magandang gawin? Kc my obst.history ako na i papasa for supporting documents na pang 6 ang baby ko pero 5 nkalagy sa birthcert nya kasi wala pa syang buhay dugo plng sya.
Anonymous said…
Sa nakunan po nong oct.2021 obst.history po ng ob or clinic kung saan glng mga medcert mo.then skn kc pina cert. Thru copy ko pa lahat ng document kc wla aq naibgay na ultrasound b4 misscarge. Cert lang at ung trans v ko kc malinis na kc ilng days na aq bleed nun kc dugo plang nmn sya that time.
Nora said…
Hello Working Mother with 5 Living Kids and 1 Miscarriage:
Doon sa Maternity Notification mo, sana ganito ang sagot mo:
a. This is my 6th pregnancy and my expected date of delivery is on _____
b. Prior to this notification, I have 4 deliveries and 1 miscarriage
Doon sa Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Application (use this form kasi employee ka), sana ganito ang sagot mo:
Number of Pregnancies: 6

Doon sa Obstetrical History: Mula G1 hanggang G4, write dates of birth and write normal delivery if normal, Cesarean Section if Cesarean. Doon sa G5, write date of miscarriage, and type of delivery is Miscarriage. Yong G6, date of birth and type of delivery is normal delivery.

Kapag naisoli na sa yo yong denied documents, puede ka nang mag-refile.
Nora said…
To Mother of 5 Kids who are Living and 1 Miscarried Baby:
Tama naman na 5 kids lang ang nasa Birth Certificate ng pang-6th mong baby kasi ang tanong is Total Number of Children Born Alive: 5
Total Number of Children still Living Including this birth: 5
No. of children born alive but are now dead: 0
Hindi kasali ang miscarriage sa Certificate of Live Birth, kasi wala namang tanong na number of pregnancies or number of miscarriages, puro tanong about live births.
Nora said…
To Lady who miscarried on Oct 2021: Ang alam ko based sa SSS forms, yang SSS gusto nila ng proof na nagbuntis ka talaga for at least 2 months or 60 days before ka nakunan, kasi yong notification form nila nakasulat doon na ang earliest time na pedeng mag-file ng notification ay kapag meron nang 60 days from date of conception (start ng pagkabuo ng buhay). Kaya ang SSS gusto nila na meron silang makita na pregnancy sa ultrasound or histopathology report. Hindi ko sure kung acceptable sa SSS, pero subukan mong kumuha sa OB-GYN mo ng certificate na pinapatunayan nia na naging pregnant ka for ___ days or months (must be more than 60 days or 2 months).
Anonymous said…
Ma'am, panu po kaya yun, nailagay ko sa mat 2 number of delivery 4 pero sa birth certificate 3 kaya rejected ako. Pwede ko pa bang baguhin at gawin ko 3 ung nailagay ko sa number of delivery? Nagkamali po kasi sa birth certificate, dapat 4 na po un.
Anonymous said…
Hello po. Hinihingan po ako ng obstetric history kasi magkaiba po ako number of delivery sa birth certificate. Panu po kaya un, hindi ko po kilala ung mga nagpaanak sakin nun kasi ing ibang anak ko po sa ibang bansa oinanganak. Salamat po sa sagot.
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