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Here below is a list of Pag-ibig dividend rates from the year 2006 to 2022 and total Pag-ibig dividends from the year 2000 to 2022.

Pag-ibig Gives Higher Interest Rates for Savings than Banks. Most banks give only 0.25% to 0.50% annual interest rate to regular savings.

bar graph-pag-ibig dividends

Your dividends are credited to your Pag-ibig accounts proportionately. The bigger your savings, the bigger your dividends. 

For Pag-ibig 1, you can get your total dividends and total savings when you retire at age 60, or when you have saved 240 contributions or more and you're already 45 years old or older.

For MP2, you can get your total dividends and total savings after 5 years.

PAG-IBIG 1 (Mandatory Savings)

Year   Dividend Rate
2022    6.53%
2021    5.50%
2020    5.62%
2019    6.73%
2018    6.91%
2017    7.61%
2016    6.93%
2015    4.83%
2014    4.18%
2013    4.08%
2012    4.17%
2011    4.13%
2010    5.00%
2009    5.00%
2008    4.68%
2007    4.49%
2006    4.81%

MP2 (Modified Pag-ibig 2)

MP2 Dividend Rate is always higher than the dividend rate for P1

Year  Dividend Rate
2022    7.03%
2021    6.00%
2020    6.12%
2019    7.23%
2018    7.41%*
2017    8.11%*
2016    7.43%*
2015    5.34%
2014    4.69%
2013    4.58%
2012    4.67%
2011    4.63%
2010    5.5%

*I could not find MP2 rates for 2016 and 2017 online, so I just added 0.5% to the Pag-ibig 1 dividend rates for 2016 and 2017. Why 0.5%?  Because I saw a SunStar February 2018 news item with the information that MP2 rate is plus point five. And the dividend rates are correct. I saw later on the correct figures on the Pag-ibig website.

TOTAL DIVIDENDS for all Members

Year   Total Dividends  Total No. of Members
in Pesos
2018      28.23 billion
201727.29 billion
201622.30 billion17 million members
201514.24 billion
201411.34 billion
201310.1 billion 13.8 million members
20129.28 billion 10.2 million members
2011 8.49 billion 10.2 million members
2010 7.88 billion 9 million members
2009 8.5 billion
20087.13 billion
2007 6.25 billion
20066.18 billion
2005 5.54 billion
20044.85 billion
2003 4.21 billion
2002 3.74 billion
20013.44 billion
2000 1.81 billion

Are MP2 dividends distributed or sent to members in the form of cash or check every year?

No and Yes.
When you started with MP2, you were asked whether to get your dividends every year, or leave your dividends to your account for more dividend earnings. So if you chose to add your dividends to your account, your dividends are credited and added to your accounts or Total Accumulated Values (TAV) every year.
If you chose to receive your dividends every year, your dividends will be deposited to your bank account (if you provided them with your account number), or will be given to you through a check. A member's TAV consists of:
all monthly savings paid by the member to Pag-ibig
plus all monthly Pag-ibig payments made by the member's employer (up to 100 pesos per month)
plus the member's dividends credited every year.

What is Modified Pag-ibig 2 (MP2)?

MP2 means Modified Pag-ibig 2, an optional savings program offered by Pag-ibig Fund

Dividends are credited to your Total Savings or Total Accumulated Value (TAV)
and are not given to you as cash dividends before you retire or before the 5-year period is reached.

You will get your Total Pag-ibig 1 Savings plus Dividends when you retire.

You will get your Total MP2 Savings Plus Dividends after 5 years or after 10 years if you renew for another 5 years.

Dividend rates for a particular year are announced to the public in March or April of the following year.

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Photo credit for image of graph above: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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