How much Lump Sum will you Get from SSS if you are not qualified for pension?

 Your SSS Lump Sum is equal to your total SSS monthly contributions plus Interest. 
  Lahat ng ibinayad mong contributions sa SSS pati lahat ng ibinayad ng employers para sa iyo ay ito-total ng SSS, saka idadagdag yong total interest na kinita ng mga contributions mo.

Your Total Contributions + Total Interest =
Your Lump Sum

Why Am I Not Qualified for Pension?

You were not able to accumulate a total of 120 valid monthly contributions when you turned 60 years old.

Are There Other Benefits That I Can Get from SSS After I Have Claimed My Lump Sum Benefit?

None. No other benefits.

The only benefit left is your Funeral Benefit. But it will not be you who will claim. It will be your heirs who will claim your Funeral Benefit after you pass away.

Can I complete the required 120 monthly contributions so that I can qualify for pension even if I'm already 60 years old?

Yes, you can. But you must be able to accumulate a total of 120 valid contributions prior to your semester of retirement at age 65.

65 years is the age for mandatory SSS retirement.

What do you mean by "VALID Contributions?"

Contributions are valid if your first-ever monthly contribution was VALID.
It is VALID if you were registered with SSS by your employer,
or if you registered as Self-Employed and your registration was approved,
or if you registered as OFW and your registration was approved,
or if you registered as Non-Working Spouse and your registration was approved.

One indication that your contributions are VALID is if you have a DATE of COVERAGE.
You can see this Date of Coverage in your online SSS account.


Unknown said…
If I have already done with 120 valid contribution and I get my Lump Sum, Am I still qualified for the monthly pension if I reach 60 y/o?
Nora said…
About lump sum and pension: Hi. Even if you already have 120 contributions but you're not yet 60, you can't yet claim for any retirement benefit from SSS. You can file for a retirement benefit only after your 60th birthday. And if you have 120 contributions or more at age 60, and you file your claim, you can choose to receive your 18-month lump sum (this just means the SSS advances to you your first 18 monthly pensions), and on the 19th month, you will start to receive your monthly pension.
There's also a rule that if you're still employed at age 60 to age 65, you can't yet file your claim.
Only those that have less than 120 contributions when they file their claim at age 60 or more who will be given a lump sum (total contributions plus interest) and won't receive pension.
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