Updated June 7, 2020

Can I Transfer Money from BPI to BDO online? 

Yes, you can transfer money from BPI to BDO online. 

But through your BPI mobile app only.
And only through Instapay. Pesonet is not yet offered by BPI.

BPI online banking (online.bpi.com.ph) does not yet offer this service.

Through Instapay, you can also transfer funds from BPI to other banks that are participating in the Instapay system.

Can you transfer money from BPI to unenrolled BPI accounts?

Yes. Click "Transfer to 3rd Party" and enter the account number.
There was a time when you can do this transaction only on your BPI mobile app, but now you can do it through your BPI online banking.
There was also a time when you need to first confirm this transaction through the ATM, but now you can do this transaction without any ATM confirmation or validation.

How about the other way around?  Can you transfer money from BDO to BPI online?

Yes, you can do it. Either through your BDO mobile app or through your BDO online banking using Instapay.

transfer money from BPI to BDO online


Unknown said…
This is somehow frustrating. Other banks such CBS has this capability with minimum amount and fix fee transfer for only 25 pesos.
Hope BPI will include this kind of feature for their customer's satisfaction
Unknown said…
I agree Sir Ronald. It's the main reason why I enrolled online banking. I need to transfer funds. Yet, it turns out BPI doesn't support such transaction.
Anonymous said…
This is really frustrating. I can transfer money online from BDO to BPI, but not the other way around.
Nora said…
BPI to BDO: Yes, indeed frustrating. BPI is conservative -- does not want to take a lot of risks.
Unknown said…
Which century does this bank operate in??
Unknown said…
it's now possible to transfer money online from BPI to BDO with 50 pesos charge
Nora said…
Thanks a lot for your update. Yes, I have updated my blogpost. BPI now uses Instapay, but not yet PesoNet. Thanks again
Rizza said…
Hi! May i know if the bdo account number is 10 or 12 digits? Thanks!
Nora said…
Hi Rizza, it's 12 digits. If it's a peso savings account, it starts with 00. If it's a peso checking account, it starts with 01. If it's a dollar account, it starts with 10.
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