My husband just died. He was a seaman, but for the past two years, he failed to get back onboard a ship because of his illness. Can I claim AMOSUP benefits?

First, seafarers are covered by AMOSUP only if they're working on a vessel that has an agreement or CBA with AMOSUP and are paying dues to AMOSUP.

Death and Funeral Benefits

You might no longer be eligible for death and funeral service benefits because your husband has been inactive for a long time. According to the AMOSUP handbook, death and funeral benefits are only for active members who died while onboard a member vessel or on vacation within 30 days from arrival in Manila.

Provident Fund Benefit

If your husband worked on a vessel that contributed to the Provident Fund in behalf of your husband, you might be able to claim Provident benefits. One of the documents required is your husband's Provident Fund Passbook.

For accurate information, call or email the AMOSUP Provident Fund Office:

Provident Fund Office
Ground Floor, Seamen's Center Building
Cabildo corner Sta. Potenciano Sts.
Intramuros, Manila
(2) 527-8491 to 98

For other benefits or other concerns, call the:

AMOSUP Seamen's Center
(2) 527-8491 to 98

Go here to read or browse the whole AMOSUP Handbook.

AMOSUP stands for Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines.

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