How Much Will Be My Father's SSS Pension?

QUESTION from Jason:

Hi Mrs. Nora, may I ask how much SSS pension will my father get. My father had paid 120 monthly SSS contributions for almost 15 years ago. I don't know how much he paid that time of his employment but let's say the lowest amount to be paid.

Now, he's 56 years old and has started paying SSS contributions again last August 2014 after turning 56. He has been paying 300 pesos per month as self employed because he no longer has work. How much pension would he get at the age of 60? Thanks in advance for your reply :)


Hi Jason, did you mean 330 pesos? Because there's no 300-peso monthly contribution in the latest SSS contribution table.

The monthly salary credit for the 330-peso monthly contribution is 3,000 pesos.

If your father continues to pay 330 pesos monthly until he turns 60, his average monthly salary credit (AMSC) will be 3,000 pesos.

We will use this SSS formula:
300 plus 20% x AMSC plus (2% x AMSC) x (Credited No. of Years of Contributions minus 10)
300 plus 20% x AMSC plus (2% x AMSC) x (15 minus 10)
300 plus .20 x 3,000 plus (.02 x 3,000) x 5
300 plus 600 plus (60 x 5)
300 plus 600 plus 300

We will use another SSS formula:
40% x AMSC
40% x 3,000
.40 x 3,000

SSS uses 3 formulas to compute SSS pension. The highest result will be chosen as the monthly SSS pension.

The 2 formulas that we used gave the same results.
The 3rd formula, the one we did not use, is for those who have contributed  a lower amount for more than 20 years.

Your father's monthly pension will be 1,200 pesos

To get a higher pension, your father can increase his monthly contribution by 1 or 2 brackets per month until he reaches the bracket that he wants. The increase should not be more than 2 brackets.

If he wants to increase beyond the 10,000-peso monthly salary credit, he should increase his monthly contribution by only 1 bracket after reaching the 10,000 salary credit.

Question from Jason Baquiler was posted on April 6, 2015 on the Comments section of my workingpinoy.com post "SSS Contribution Table 2014, Self-Employed, Voluntary, OFW Members."
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