I think the SSS E-5 Form is already obsoleteI can't find a copy of an SSS E5 form online.

The main reason I think E-5 Form is no longer used is that we are not allowed to register as new SSS member using the Voluntary member category. We are allowed to register only as:

1. Employed  (Employers are required to report new employees to SSS within 30 days of employment)

2. Self-Employed (Use the RS-1 Form)

3. OFW ( Use the OW-1 Form)

4. Non-Working Spouse (Use the NW-1 Form)

A Voluntary Member does not need to register with SSS.  Why? Because a Voluntary Member, as defined by SSS, has already successfully registered before as Employee, or Self-Employed, or OFW or Non-Working Spouse.

A Voluntary Member is a former Employed Member, or former Self-Employed Member, or former OFW member, or former Non-Working Spouse member.

If you become Unemployed, or if you cease to be Self-Employed, or OFW, or Non-Working Spouse, just pay as Voluntary, and your member status will automatically change to Voluntary when your first payment as Voluntary is posted by SSS.

Maternity Benefit Claim Requirement:

It's possible some people are asking about E-5 because E-5 is listed as a requirement in the MAT-2 Maternity Reimbursement Form. But we should also note that this MAT2 form currently being used was last revised in March 1999.

If you have an SSS Date of Coverage, you don't have to worry about E-5.
If the SSS officers ask you to submit E5, they could be referring to RS1 form. It's most likely that you do not have a Date of Coverage in your Member Data Page, so they want you to submit proof of your registration as Self-Employed.

How to Register as Self-Employed Member of SSS 

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