List of Philhealth-Accredited Private Hospitals in Cavite


Which private hospitals in Cavite are Philhealth-accredited?


Here's a list of PHILHEALTH-Accredited PRIVATE HOSPITALS in Cavite:


DLSU-Dr. Rodolfo Poblete Memorial Hospital
Burgos St., Brgy. I, Alfonso
046-4151286 / 046-4150190
Level 1
20 Beds


Bacoor Doctors Medical Center 
Molino Boulevard
Bayanan, Bacoor City
046-4770830 / 046-4771661
Level 1
60 Beds

Crisostomo General Hospital
Tirona Highway cor Maligaya St.
Dulong Bayan, Bacoor City
046-4343195 /046-4344805
Level 1
20 Beds

Metro South Medical Center
National Road, Molino IV
Bacoor City
046-4771743 / 046-4773087
Level 2
50 Beds

Molino Doctors Hospital
National Road, Molino II
Bacoor City
046-4771661 loc 115
Level 1
38 Beds

Prime Global Care Medical Center Inc.
B3 Lots 6-8 Cabesas St. cor Avenida St.
BPS, Bacoor City
Level 1
33 Beds

St. Michael Medical Hospital 
220 Molino II
Bacoor City
Level 1
48 Beds

Southeast Asian Medical Center
Molino Road, Brgy. Molino III
Bacoor City
046-4310000 / 046-4317777
Email: info@southeastasianhospital.com
Level 2
50 Beds

St. Dominic Medical Center Inc.
Aguinaldo Highway
Talaba, Bacoor City
046-4172525 / 046-4172520
Level 2
100 Beds


De La Cruz Maternity Hospital
910 Crescini St.
Cavite City
Level 1
11 Beds

Bautista Hospital 
375 P. Burgos Ave.
Caridad, Cavite City
046-4310416 / 046-4310330
Level 2
60 Beds

Cavite Medical Center
Dalahican, Cavite City
046-4315650 / 046-5044496
Level 2
60 Beds


Asia Medic Family Hospital and Medical Center
Old Palapala Road
Sampaloc 1, Dasmarinas City
Level 1
45 Beds

De La Salle University Medical Center 
Congressional Ave.
Dasmarinas City
Level 3
250 Beds

Emilio Aguinaldo College Medical Center-Cavite
Brgy. Salitran II, Dasmarinas City
(four blocks from the E. Aguinaldo Highway)
Level 2
15 Beds

St. Paul Hospital Cavite Inc.
(formerly Dr. Jose P. Rizal Hospital and
 National Medical Research Center)
Burol II, Bagong Bayan
Dasmarinas City
Level 2
100 Beds


San Jose Hospital and Trauma Center-GMA
Governor's Drive, Brgy. Maderan
General Mariano Alvarez (GMA), Cavite
Level 1
25 Beds


Divine Grace Medical Center
Bypass Road
Brgy. Tejero, General Trias
046-4731177 / 046-8872499
Level 2
50 Beds

General Trias Maternity & Pediatric Hospital 
Tejero, General Trias
046-4378111 / 046-5091325
Level 1
73 Beds

Gentri Doctors Medical Center Inc.
Governor's Drive, Metropolis Green
Brgy. Manggahan, General Trias
Phones: 046-4162222
 0917-551-3341 / 0920-964-4802
Email: gentridoctors@yahoo.com
Level 2
69 Beds

Gentri Medical Center and Hospital Inc.
Santusan St.
Brgy. Manggahan, General Trias
Emergency Hotline : 046-4248888
Trunkline: 046-4240888
Email: gentrimedical_30@yahoo.com
Level 2
50 Beds

SSMC Satellite Hospital 
Gateway Business Park
Javalera, General Trias
or call 046-4387125 (Abutin Bldg. Branch)
Level 1
25 Beds


Imus Family Hospital Inc.
Justinville II Subd.
Palico, Imus City
046-4716403 / 046-9706768
Level 1
15 Beds

Medical Center Imus 
Diversion Road
Palico IV, Imus City
046-4723987 / 046-4723982
Level 2
90 Beds

Our Lady of the Pillar Medical Center
Tamsui Ave.
Bayan Luma, Imus City
046-4723773 / 046-4723072
Level 2
108 Beds


First Filipino Saint Hospital 
Governor's Drive, Brg. San Roque
046-4121411 / 046-4122298
Level 1
40 Beds

Naic Doctors Hospital Inc.
Daang Makina, Naic
Level 1
30 Beds


St. Martin Maternity and Pediatric Hospital 
Salcedo II, Noveleta
Level 1
50 Beds


Contreras Medical Clinic
General Trias Drive, Rosario
046-4381958 / 046-4387302
Level 1
24 Beds

Our Savior Hospital
Poblacion, General Trias Drive
Level 1
30 Beds


Estrella Hospital
KM 43, General Aguinaldo Highway
San Miguel 2, Silang
Level 1
20 Beds

St. Mazenod Hospital Inc. 
Blk 113 Lots 7 and 8
AFP Housing, Bulihan
Level 1
12 Beds

Velazco Hospital
J.P. Rizal St.
Sabutan, Silang
Level 1
25 Beds


Unihealth-Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center Inc.
E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang
Crossing East, Tagaytay Rotonda
Tagaytay City
Level 2
90 Beds


JNRAL Family Corporation Hospital
A. Soriano Highway,
Sahod Ulan, Tanza
Level 1
22 Beds

Tanza Family General Hospital and Pharmacy
A. Soriano St. corner NIA Road
Daang Amaya II, Tanza
Level 1
44 Beds


M.V. Santiago Medical Center
Brgy. De Ocampo, Trece Martires City
046-4190174 / 046-4191877
Level 1
63 Beds



List of Philhealth-Accredited Government Hospitals in Cavite


Which hospitals in Cavite are government hospitals and Philhealth-accredited?


Here's a list of List of Philhealth-Accredited Government Hospitals in Cavite:

Cavite Naval Hospital
B1100 Zamora St.
Fort San Felipe
Cavite City
Level 1
100 Beds

Dr. Olivia Salamanca Memorial District Hospital
P. Gomez St.
Cavite City
Level 1
50 Beds

Kawit Kalayaan Hospital
San Sebastian
25 Beds

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital
Luciano, Trece Martires City
Level 3
284 Beds

List of Philhealth-Accredited Private Hospitals in Cavite


Can I Use 2 Philhealth Cards to Get Higher Deduction?


My husband and I are both employed Philhealth members. Can my husband register me as his dependent so that in case of hospitalization, I will use my Philhealth and my husband's Philhealth and therefore get a higher Philhealth deduction?


No. You are not allowed to be a Philhealth member and a Philhealth dependent at the same time.

You are also not allowed to use 2 or more Philhealth memberships to cover your hospitalization.
You use only 1 Philhealth membership -- your own membership.

A Philhealth dependent can only use 1 Philhealth membership (membership of only 1 of his parents, or membership of only 1 of his children, or membership of his spouse).


Why Is My SSS Maternity Benefit Only 1,300 Pesos?

QUESTION from Pam:

Why did I receive only 1,300 pesos as my SSS maternity benefit?
Was the computation wrong? I delivered by CS in October 2014.
Here are my SSS contributions:

July 988 Aug 1300 Sep 1248 Oct 1092 Nov 1196

Oct 312 nov 1196

Jan 1456 feb 1300

April to June 110 amonth
July to Dec 275 a month


Your SSS maternity benefit is only 1,300 pesos because your qualifying 12-month period matched the months when you contributed the lowest amounts.

You gave birth in October 2014, so your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014.
SSS will look for your 6 highest contributions within the 12-month period before your semester of contingency.
Your prior 12-month period is July 2013 to June 2014.
You have only 3 contributions within this period: April to June, 110 each month.

The salary credit for 110 is 1,000.

Using the SSS formula, we get the following:

1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 = 3,000 pesos

3,000 / 180 days = 16.67 pesos per day

16.67 x 78 days (for CS) = 1,300 pesos

Your SSS maternity benefit is 1,300 pesos.



What Is SSS E5 Form? Why Is It a Maternity Benefit Claim Requirement?

I think the SSS E-5 Form is already obsoleteI can't find a copy of an SSS E5 form online.

The main reason I think E-5 Form is no longer used is that we are not allowed to register as new SSS member using the Voluntary member category. We are allowed to register only as:

1. Employed  (Employers are required to report new employees to SSS within 30 days of employment)

2. Self-Employed (Use the RS-1 Form)

3. OFW ( Use the OW-1 Form)

4. Non-Working Spouse (Use the NW-1 Form)

A Voluntary Member does not need to register with SSS.  Why? Because a Voluntary Member, as defined by SSS, has already successfully registered before as Employee, or Self-Employed, or OFW or Non-Working Spouse.

A Voluntary Member is a former Employed Member, or former Self-Employed Member, or former OFW member, or former Non-Working Spouse member.

If you become Unemployed, or if you cease to be Self-Employed, or OFW, or Non-Working Spouse, just pay as Voluntary, and your member status will automatically change to Voluntary when your first payment as Voluntary is posted by SSS.

Maternity Benefit Claim Requirement:

It's possible some people are asking about E-5 because E-5 is listed as a requirement in the MAT-2 Maternity Reimbursement Form. But we should also note that this MAT2 form currently being used was last revised in March 1999.

If you have an SSS Date of Coverage, you don't have to worry about E-5.
If the SSS officers ask you to submit E5, they could be referring to RS1 form. It's most likely that you do not have a Date of Coverage in your Member Data Page, so they want you to submit proof of your registration as Self-Employed.

How to Register as Self-Employed Member of SSS 


How Do I Compute My SSS Maternity Benefit?

QUESTION from Blessing Calayag:

Hi :)  My name is Blessing. How do I compute my SSS maternity benefit? My due date is May 2015. These are my contributions:


Oct - 1,560
Nov - 1,560
Dec - 1,560


Jan - 1,760
Feb - 1,760
Mar - 1,760
Apr - 1,760
May - 1,760
Jun - 1,760
Jul - 1,760
Aug - 1,760
Sep - 1,760
Oct - 1,760
Nov - 1,760
Dec - 1,760


Since you'll give birth in May 2015, your Semester of Contingency is Jan to June 2015.
SSS will look for your 6 highest salary credits within the 12 months prior to your semester of contingency. Your 12-month period is Jan to Dec 2014.

Your monthly contributions in 2014 were all maximum monthly contributions.
Obviously, your 6 highest contributions are six 1,760, and
your 6 highest monthly salary credits are six 16,000.

Add your 6 highest monthly salary credits:
16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000 + 16,000

Your salary credit total is 96,000.

Divide your salary credit total by 180 days.
96,000 / 180 = 533.33

Your salary credit per day is 533.33 pesos.

If you'll deliver normally, your SSS maternity benefit will be:
533.33 pesos x 60 days = 32,000 pesos

If you'll delivery by Cesarean Section or CS, your SSS maternity benefit will be:
533.33 pesos x 78 days = 41,600 pesos

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