I Can't Be a Dependent of My Husband Because I'm a Philhealth Member. Is this True?

Is it true that I cannot be a dependent of my husband under Philhealth because I'm a Philhealth member?

If you are Employed, and therefore an active Philhealth member, you cannot be a dependent of your husband under Philhealth.

You cannot be a Philhealth  member and at the same time a Dependent.

BUT if you became Unemployed and it seems you will be Unemployed for many months or years, you can CANCEL your Philhealth membership and 
ask your husband to register you as his DEPENDENT: 

1.  Write a letter to Philhealth asking Philhealth:
       .  to cancel your Philhealth membership because you have been Unemployed and
       .  to register you as Dependent of your husband.

       The letter can be handwritten or printed; can be in Tagalog or English.    

2.  Ask your husband to go to Philhealth with your letter, his ID and your marriage certificate (xerox and original copies).
      .  Fill up Member Data Form (Check "For Updating")
      .  Write you as Dependent
      .  Get updated MDR


When Can I Apply for My SSS ID?

If you have been a paying SSS member for many months or years already, and you are sure you have a Date of Coverage, you can apply for your SSS ID any business day.  Bring your valid IDs.

If you're a new member, you can apply for your SSS ID after your first monthly contribution to SSS has been posted and your Date of Coverage has been posted.

In many cases, your Date of Coverage is posted about 3 or several months after your first payment.  You are also expected to pay your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent monthly contributions while waiting for your Date of Coverage.

If your middle name in your SSS records is only an initial, you are required to correct it first before you are allowed to apply for your SSS ID. 
What to do?  Fill up an SSS Member Data Change Request Form, then submit together with your birth certificate or passport.  

If you don't have a birth certificate, or if your birth certificate has a "Late Registration" mark, submit at least 2 supporting documents (any 2 of the following: Driver's License, Philhealth ID card, Postal ID card, Voter's ID card, TIN Card, Baptismal Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance, Pag-ibig Transaction Card, NBI Clearance, GSIS ID Card, Transcript of Records, see others in the SSS Member Data Change Request Form).

This is the SSS ID Card Application Form

Check the list of valid IDs in the form.

SSS ID or SSS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Card

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