Can I Transfer Money from BPI to BDO Online?


Can You Transfer Money from BPI to BDO online? 

 No. Not yet. 
BPI online banking does not yet offer this service.
BPI does not allow funds transfer from BPI accounts to other banks' accounts.

You can only transfer money online from your BPI account to other BPI accounts that have been pre-enrolled.

Can you transfer money from BPI to unenrolled BPI accounts?
Yes, but only through BPI mobile banking. You use your BPI mobile app.
And you cannot use this service immediately. You need to activate this service first using your atm card.

This is how to activate your Enable Transfer to Anyone  so you can transfer money to unenrolled accounts.

How about the other way around?  Can you transfer money from BDO to BPI online?
Yes, you can do it. There's a service charge of 100 pesos.
Here's how to transfer money from BDO to BPI and other banks online.  


  1. This is somehow frustrating. Other banks such CBS has this capability with minimum amount and fix fee transfer for only 25 pesos.
    Hope BPI will include this kind of feature for their customer's satisfaction

  2. I agree Sir Ronald. It's the main reason why I enrolled online banking. I need to transfer funds. Yet, it turns out BPI doesn't support such transaction.


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