Question: About Amount of Philhealth Maternity Benefit

I am an Individual Payor. I have paid at least 9 of the 12 months BEFORE my month of delivery.
How much can I refund from Philhealth?


The benefit amount depends on the type of medical facility used.

For Normal Delivery:

--  5,000 pesos (for delivery at Level 2 to 4 hospitals)
         3,000 for hospital expenses
         2,000 for professional fee or PF or doctor's fee

--  6,500 pesos (for delivery at maternity clinics, lying-ins, birth centers, health centers or Level 1 hospitals)
         3,900 for clinic or hospital expenses
         2,600 for PF

For Cesarean Section or CS:

--  19,000 pesos  (covered only if CS is performed at Level 2 to 4 hospitals)
          11,400 pesos for hospital expenses
            7,600 pesos for PF         

Additional 1,500 Pesos for Prenatal Care ( for Normal Delivery Only )
 -  To be refunded by Philhealth through a check delivered by registered mail 
 -  Refunded only if member submits official receipts of prenatal care expenses worth at least 1,500 pesos   
     together with the maternity claim. Receipts must be in patient's name.

Additional 1,750 Pesos for Newborn Care Package ( for Normal Delivery and CS )
 -  Newborn care must be performed within 3 days of child birth
 -  If possible, gawin ito in the same facility para kasama na ang claim sa maternity benefit. Mahirap
     maghanap ng gagawa ng newborn screening na willing to fill up a lot of papers para lang sa newborn

What Prenatal Care procedures or supplies are covered? 

What Newborn Care procedures or supplies are covered? 

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