Ecology Bank -- Where Is It Now?

Ecology Bank is now what Bank? It was not closed. Was it renamed? In the the year 2001, Ecology Bank's office was in Libis, where is it now? It's important.

Ecology Savings Bank was acquired by EastWest Bank  (East West Banking Corp.)  in August 6, 2003, based on a BSP Circular Letter signed August 14, 2003.

The bank was sold by EBC Strategic Holdings Corp. (of Equitable PCIBank).
Thirty (30) branches of Ecology Bank were added to the branch network of EastWest Bank after the acquisition.

Philippine Banks Closed Down in 2001
Closed Banks in 2002
Closed Banks in 2003
Links to Lists of Closed Banks from 2000 to 2016


How Much Can I Borrow from Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose Loan Program?

Pag-ibig Multipurpose Loan Amount or Pag-ibig Salary Loan Amount

Your Pag-ibig Loan Amount depends on your total savings with Pag-ibig.

Your total savings with Pag-ibig is the total of all your monthly contributions and all annual dividends added by Pag-ibig. Your total savings is called  Total Accumulates Values or TAV

If you have paid 24 to 59 contributions, you can borrow up to 60% of your TAV.

If you have paid 60 to 119 contributions, you can borrow up to 70% of your TAV.

If you have paid 120 contributions or more, you can borrow up to 80% of your TAV.

You should be a currently-paying member.
You should have paid contributions for at least 5 of the 6 months immediately prior to your loan application.

For individual Payors:
You need to attach a document  to prove you have a source of income, like commission receipts, remittance receipts, certificate of source of income by your barangay, etc.

What is the Swift Code of One Network Bank?

The Swift Code of One Network Bank is ONNRPHM1

One Network Bank is the largest rural bank in the Philippines, with 98 branches and 135 ATMs as of early 2015, and still growing, Its acquisition by BDO Unibank was completed in July 2015.

If you're abroad and you want to remit or deposit to a One Network Bank account, look for a PNB branch, or PNB Remittance center, or a PNB remittance partner.

If you want your beneficiary to claim your remittance over-the-counter (Cash Pickup) at any One Network Bank branch, use the following remittance companies:

BDO Remit
PNB Remittance
RCBC Telemoney
Asia United Bank Gintong Hatid
BPInoy Remittance
MoneyGram Money Transfer
Globe GCash
DBP EC Remit

PNB Branches in the US
PNB Remittance Partners in California
PNB Branches Abroad
PNB Remittance Centers in Canada 
PNB Remittance Offices in Saudi Arabia 
PNB Branches in London England, Paris France 


What Happens to My Payroll ATM Account After I Resign?

Can I Use My Payroll ATM Account After I Resign?

Different banks have different policies for payroll ATM accounts.

When banks detect that a certain payroll ATM account has not been used for many months, they do any of these, based on experiences shared online:
 --  They immediately close the account.
 --  They convert the account to a regular account, which requires a maintaining balance, and when the balance turns to zero or negative, the account is automatically closed.
 --  The account remains active for a time, waiting for the account owner to inquire about the account and convert it to a regular account.

How Is a Payroll ATM Account Different from a Regular ATM Account?

--  Most DO NOT require a maintaining balance, as its maintenance is taken care of by the company's corporate account.
--  Some payroll ATM accounts do not accept over-the-counter cash deposits
 -- Most do not accept over-the-counter CHECK deposits
 -- Some do not accept foreign remittances
 -- If your payroll ATM account was opened in your behalf by your employer, and therefore its maintenance is taken care of by the company's own corporate account, this ATM account is basically not yours. It can be closed anytime when you leave the company.

What's the Best Way to Handle a Payroll ATM Account Upon Resignation or Separation?

You have two options:

-- If you do not have at least 2 valid IDs to open your own bank account, visit your branch of account and ask about converting your payroll ATM account into YOUR OWN regular account.

-- If you have at least 2 valid IDs, withdraw all what's in your payroll ATM account, then open YOUR OWN bank account. 

Note: If you have 99 pesos or less left in your ATM, and you can't withdraw it, and you like to get it, use it asap at a supermarket, grocery or drugstore that has a swipe device. There are items worth 99 pesos or less.


Am I Eligible for Taiwan Labor Insurance Death Benefits?

I'm an OFW in Taiwan. One of my family members died. Am I entitled to Taiwan Labor Insurance death benefits for my family member who died?

Yes, if you are employed by a Taiwan-registered company or institution with at least 5 employees and paying labor insurance premiums to the  Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Sadly, most caregivers and domestic helpers are NOT covered by the Taiwan Labor Insurance program because household employers are not mandated to join the program.

Only 3 types of family members are covered:

How much is the death benefit?
It depends on the monthly premiums paid by your company and corresponding monthly salary grade.
It will be based on the average of your last 6 monthly salary grades
prior to the date of death of family member.

The maximum amount is:
For death of parent or spouse -- up to 3 times your monthly salary grade
For death of a child 12 years old or more -- up to 2.5 times your monthly salary grade
For death of a child less than 12 years old -- up to 1.5 times your monthly salary grade

*A miscarried baby is not covered.

What documents should I prepare in Taiwan?

- Your passport
    3 sets of photocopies of all pages, authenticated by MECO in Taiwan

- Your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), authenticated by MECO in Taiwan
     3 sets of photocopies

- Your Work/Employment contract
    3 sets of photocopies, authenticated by MECO in Taiwan

Special Power of Attorney from you (OFW)
  if you are authorizing your representative in the Philippines
     to have your documents authenticated at
     TECO-Manila and the DFA
  You can have this SPA notarized at  MECO in Taiwan.
       Notarial fee is 1,000 New Taiwan dollars (subject to change).

What documents should be prepared by my family in the Philippines?

These Philippine documents must be authenticated by TECO-Manila and the DFA:

-  Death certificate of family member who died (spouse, parent or child)

-  Birth certificate of OFW  (if parent died)

-  Marriage certificate of OFW (if spouse died)

-  Birth certificate of child (if child died)

What is the general procedure for processing my Taiwan Labor Insurance claim?

1.  You prepare your documents as OFW in Taiwan (see above list).

2.  You send your SPA to your representative in the Philippines.

3.  Your representative photocopies your SPA for use in various agencies.

4.  Your representative obtains the required death certificate and birth or marriage certificate.

5.  Your representative goes to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and
         have the death certificate and birth or marriage certificate authenticated.
       Ask about translation of these documents to Chinese
          and authentication of translation

4.  Your representative files the documents with TECO-Manila.
         Authentication might take 5 days.

5. TECO-Manila returns the authenticated documents to your representative.

6. Your representative sends the documents to you in Taiwan
         Check if you need authentication of documents' translation to Chinese

7.  You request your company to apply for your Labor Insurance death benefit.
       Submit your documents to your employer

8.  Your company submits your documents to the Local Labor Bureau, including
         your Labor Insurance data.

9.  The Labor Bureau will review the claim. If claim is approved, the money will be released to the you after 15 days or more from date of claim filing.

What should your representative do at TECO-Manila?

1. Bring the following:
     - Your passport (passport of OFW), with 1 photocopy
           (or OFW's SSS ID, driver's license, or any other valid ID, with 1 photocopy)
     - Your SPA, with 1 photocopy
     -  Valid ID of representative (passport, SSS ID, driver's license, postal ID or other valid IDs,
            with 1 photocopy)
     -  Valid ID of deceased spouse, parent or child, with 1 photocopy
     -  Death certificate of spouse, parent or child, issued by the NSO and
            authenticated by the DFA, with documentary stamp, with 1 photocopy
     -  Birth certificate of child or OFW or marriage certificate of OFW,
             whichever proves the relationship between OFW and family member who died
            (issued by the NSO and authenticated by the DFA, with documentary stamp,
              with 1 photocopy)
    -  TECO might require an additional relationship document,
            like marriage  contract of parent who died.    

2.  Fill up the Application Form for Authentication
3.  Ask which document should be translated into Chinese
         and where it can be translated

Fees to be paid:
 - Original Authentication Fee : 700 pesos
(Expedite processing Fee:350 pesos
- Duplicate copy authentication Fee : 350 pesos
       (Expedite processing Fee:P180 pesos
- Original translation Authentication Fee : 700 pesos
        (Expedite processing Fee:350 pesos
- Duplicate copy translation authentication Fee: 350 pesos
        (Expedite processing Fee:180 pesos)

Where is TECO-Manila?
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)
Taiwan Embassy
41st Floor, Tower 1 RCBC Plaza
Ayala Ave, Makati

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday except holidays
8:45 am to 11:45 am  --  time for filing
1:45 pm to 4:45 pm  --  time for releasing

Is there a deadline for filing my claim?
You can file your claim within 2 years from date of death of  your family member.
But of course, it's always wise to file as soon as you can.

Is there another related benefit that I can claim?
Ask your employer or check your contract if you are entitled to a paid bereavement leave.

Where are MECO Offices in Taiwan and Philippines Located?

Here are the locations of the offices of the
Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO),
the Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan.


11th Floor, No. 176 Chang Chun Road
Chung Shan District
Taipei 104, Taiwan

Phone No.:
(886) 2-2508-1719

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, except Philippine and Taiwan's holidays
9 am to 11:30 am
1:30 pm to 5 pm
Information Center:
Mary Anne Sioco
Information Officer for MECO-Taiwan

Labor Affairs:
Atty. Llewelyn D. Perez
Director of Labor Affairs
E-mail: mecolabor.taipei@yahoo.com

Andrelyn R. Gregorio
Deputy Director of Labor Affairs (Welfare)

Phone Nos. of Labor Affairs Office:
(886) 2-2507-9803
(886) 2-2507-9804

Kaohsiung Extension Office

9th Floor, Grand 50 Tower
No. 80 Min Tzu 1st Road
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, except Philippine and Taiwan's holidays
9 am to 11:30 am
1:30 pm to 5 pm

For Kaohsiung office, it's recommended that you please
call first for appointment: 07 – 3985935 to 36

 Phone Nos.:
(886) 7-3985935
(886) 7-3985936

Labor Affairs - Kaohsiung Extension Office
Aniceta G. Deuna
Officer-in-charge Labor Affairs
Email: owwa_polokhh@yahoo.com

Taichung Extension Office

4th Floor, A2 Cathay Insurance Building
No. 239 Minchuan Road
West District
Taichung City, Taiwan

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, except Philippine and Taiwan's holidays
9 am to 11:30 am
1:30 pm to 5 pm

Phone No. :
(886) 4-2302-9080 to 81

Labor Affairs - Taichung Extension Office
Aniceta G. Deuna
Officer-in-charge, Labor Affairs
E-mail: owwa_polokhh@yahoo.com

For Saturday and Sunday office hours:
Please see the MECO website for schedules and announcements
or please call

Processing time for authentication and notary services:
Documents can be released after 2 working days

Processing time for visa services:
If filed in the morning, visa can be released after 5 pm of the same day
If filed in the afternoon, visa can be released at 9:30 am of the following working day.

MAKATI, Philippines

7th Floor, Trafalgar Plaza
105 H.V. de la Costa Street
Salcedo Village
Makati City 1200

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, except Philippine holidays
8.30 am to 6 pm

Phone Nos. :
(632) 848-3796/97

Janina Clare Tan
Information Officer - Manila
Email:  jctan@meco.ph


Can I Claim AMOSUP Benefits as a Seaman's Wife?

My husband just died. He was a seaman, but for the past two years, he failed to get back onboard a ship because of his illness. Can I claim AMOSUP benefits?

First, seafarers are covered by AMOSUP only if they're working on a vessel that has an agreement or CBA with AMOSUP and are paying dues to AMOSUP.

Death and Funeral Benefits

You might no longer be eligible for death and funeral service benefits because your husband has been inactive for a long time. According to the AMOSUP handbook, death and funeral benefits are only for active members who died while onboard a member vessel or on vacation within 30 days from arrival in Manila.

Provident Fund Benefit

If your husband worked on a vessel that contributed to the Provident Fund in behalf of your husband, you might be able to claim Provident benefits. One of the documents required is your husband's Provident Fund Passbook.

For accurate information, call or email the AMOSUP Provident Fund Office:

Provident Fund Office
Ground Floor, Seamen's Center Building
Cabildo corner Sta. Potenciano Sts.
Intramuros, Manila
(2) 527-8491 to 98

For other benefits or other concerns, call the:

AMOSUP Seamen's Center
(2) 527-8491 to 98

Go here to read or browse the whole AMOSUP Handbook.

AMOSUP stands for Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines.

Read more:
SSS Death Benefits
Pag-ibig Death Benefit


Below-Maintaining-Balance Penalty by BDO -- Will I Be Charged?


I have a BDO peso passbook savings account with 10k maintaining balance. Last April 2, the balance became 7k. This April 8, I'll deposit around 3,500. Will my account be charged 300 pesos for those days the account balance was below 10k? Thanks po for the help.


If you have maintained your account in the month of March, you will not be charged this April even if you fell below the 10k maintaining-balance requirement the month of April.  Why so?  Because you are charged only if you fall below the maintaining balance requirement for two consecutive months.

This means if you fall below the 10k balance requirement for both March and April (these are 2 consecutive months), then you will be charged the 300-peso penalty this April 29 (last business day of the month).  But if you fall below the required balance for only one month, you won't be charged.

You said you will deposit 3,500 on April 8. Will you be able to maintain your account this month of April?  Let us see. Let's compute your Average Daily Balance (ADB for the month of April).

First, let us add all your daily balances from April 1 to 30.

This is how your account will appear for the month of April if you will not withdraw after depositing 3,500:

April 1: Balance is 10k
April 2 to 7; Balance is 7k
April 8 to 30: Balance is 10,500

Let us add your daily balances for the whole month of April:
April 1: 10,000 x 1 day = 10,000 pesos
April 2 to 7: 7,000 x 6 days = 60,000 pesos
April 8 to 30:  10,500 x 23 days =  241,500 pesos

Total daily balances for the month = 10,000 + 60,000 + 214,500 = 311,500

Your Average Daily Balance (ADB) for the month of April:  311,500 divided by 30 days =  10,383 pesos

This means your ADB for the month of April is 10,383 pesos.
10,383 is higher than 10,000,
so you did not fall below the maintaining-balance requirement in the month of April.

You were able to maintain your account in the month of April. 



How Much Is My SSS Maternity Benefit?

Hello, can you help me? I'm giving birth this April 2016. How can I compute my SSS maternity benefit? These are my contributions:



Hope u help me Ms.  Thank you

You said you 're giving birth in April 2016, so your semester of contingency is Jan to June 2016.
SSS will look for your 6 highest salary credits within Jan to Dec 2015 (this is the 12-month period prior to your semester of contingency).

You only have 4 contributions in 2015, so we will use all your 4 contributions. We will find the salary credits for your 4 contributions:

June 1,265  --  salary credit is 11,500
July 1,320  --  12,000
August 1,320  --  12,000
September 550  --  5,000

We add all your 5 salary credits and we get 40,500.
We divide 40,500 by 180 days and we get 225.

We multiply 225 by 60 days (for normal delivery) and we get 13,500.
Your SSS maternity benefit is 13,500 if you give birth normally.

If CS, we multiply by 78 days:  225 x 78 =  17,550
Your SSS maternity benefit is 17,550 if you deliver by Cesarean Section.

180 days come from 6 months (6 x 30 days = 180 days)
SSS uses the average daily salary credit from a member's 6 highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period prior to semester of contingency.
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